Jazz at Lincoln Center

Jazz at Lincoln Center — New York, USA

Studio A with 9-knob Avid S6—photo: Kal Dolgin/Eyesounds

Studio B with 4-knob Avid S6—photo: Kal Dolgin/Eyesounds

Jazz at Lincoln Center is part of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City. It is comprised of three performance venues: the 1,233 seat Rose Theater, the 427 seat Appel Room, and the intimate 140 seat Dizzy’s Club. Since 2005 Sirius XM Radio has operated the broadcast and recording studios @Jazz. JALC recently upgraded its studios with Pro Tools HDX systems, Pro Tools | MTRX I/O’s, and Avid S6 control surfaces—all tied in seamlessly with the facility’s networked audio and video infrastructure

Grammy and Emmy Award-winner Rob Macomber is the Chief Engineer of the Music Studios and has recorded and mixed thousands of live-to-internet broadcasts enjoyed by millions of jazz fans all over the world. - photo: Kal Dolgin/Eyesounds

The S6 is able to do everything the ICON can do and more. It’s only enhanced my workflow. The ability to create custom layouts, lock channels in place, setting metering to different types on certain channels and have them remain like that as I move around the surface… very helpful. I was just commenting to my client this morning that I’m really digging this console!

Rob Macomber, Chief Engineer of Music Studios, Jazz at Lincoln Center