Jenny Lewis Tour

Jenny Lewis

Engineers: Jacob Feinberg (FOH), Justin Hess (MON)

Concert Touring – VENUE | S6L (x2)

Jacob Feinberg mixing FOH for Jenny Lewis on an S6L provided by Eighth Day Sound

Justin Hess at monitors

“The first venue we got to, the State Theater in Minneapolis which I’ve mixed a dozen times, I did virtual playback from rehearsals and got chills listening to it. I’m just thrilled to have the straight-up best sounding console out there! I’ve ported my VENUE show files over from the Profile and removed half the plug-ins, taken off half the dynamics, and undid a lot of the EQing—just opened up the console. And the S6L easily has the best implementation of I/O sharing that I’ve ever seen. You just don’t have to think it about it. It’s seamless, transparent, and perfect.”

Jacob Feinberg – FOH engineer for Jenny Lewis, Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes