Joseph Calleja Concert

Joseph Calleja Concert

Floriana, Malta

Festival – VENUE | S6L, S3L-X, Profile

One of the world's premiere tenors, Joseph Calleja holds an annual concert in his home country featuring Malta's National Symphony Orchestra and a variety of guest artists from around the world.

L to R: Antoine Busuttil (Director of BESTEAM), Arturo Pellegrini (FOH), and Filippo Zecchini (monitors)

“I love to use the Virtual Soundcheck feature. The time to produce a show is limited, and sound checks are really short—most of the time, technical runs are only done once. I record the sound checks and play them back later to work out the right balance I want to have for the live performance. For me, using VENUE and Pro Tools is like using a single machine.”

Arturo Pellegrini – FOH/broadcast/studio engineer (Jose Calleja Concert, Eurovision Song Contest, Umbria Jazz Festival)