La-Rocc-A-Fella Center

La-Rocc-A-Fella Center — North Hollywood, USA

La-Rocc-A-Fella Center is a 7.1 surround recording and mixing facility run by producer/engineer/scoring mixer Jason LaRocca.

Studio A features an Avid S3 + Dock, while Studio B sports three Avid S1 controllers.

“The S3, S1 and Dock surfaces are amazing. The workflow and assignable soft keys help me navigate 800+ track sessions very easily and get a mix into shape with incredible speed. These surfaces have been essential in everything I have mixed at La-Rocc-A-Fella Center, including projects like “Bad Boys for Life,” “Fortnite,” “Aquaman” and “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.”

Jason LaRocca, producer/engineer/scoring mixer and owner of La-Rocc-A-Fella Center