‘Notre-Dame de Paris’ Tour

Notre-Dame de Paris’ Tour

Monitor engineer: Léo Mercuri

Theater – VENUE | S6L

'Notre-Dame de Paris' opened in 1998 and has since toured the world. The production is now kicking off a tour of France before heading to Canada next year.

Léo Mercuri has handled monitors for the production over the past four years, and uses about 70 snapshots for the show.

Mercuri uses Wisycom pocket microphones, Sennheiser headset mics, and EarSonics in-ear monitors for the singers. The only outboard processing used is a Bricasti reverb, and a redundant Pro Tools rig provides the music for the production.

“I’ve used Profile and D-Show for 10 years and I really like this kind of desk. I had previously been using Midas preamps to feed the Profile for warmth, but I don’t need them anymore. The software is the same, but the access is better—I can see everything very quickly. We go on tour in France next month and I can choose whatever console I want, and I choose S6L, for sure.”

Léo Mercuri – monitor engineer for ‘Notre-Dame de Paris’


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