Pinaxa Studio

“Now with version 1.2, the S6 has gone beyond what was possible with the ICON D-Control (which I owned previously). This is the evolution of years of having Pro Tools as the center of the studio, which really started for me with the Pro Control in 2001.

I was struggling to stay inspired creating music (interacting with the software in the same way for 10 hours a day for at least 15 years) – but with S6, using the center touch screen, having 16 faders and all these knobs with OLED displays in front of me and seeing the waveform in the display modules makes using Pro Tools a new experience. For me this is so important because it keeps my creativity always fresh and that’s why I’m so happy with my choice. After you start mixing with S6 you will not go back to anything else! It really is a NEW approach to mixing!” – Pino Pischetola, Pinaxa Studio, Milano, Italy

Client:Pino Pischetola
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