Nimbus School of Recording Arts

Nimbus School of Recording Arts – Vancouver, Canada

Education- S6 M40 Custom

S6 M40 custom config 32 Faders 9 Knob with Displays – custom desk – Pro Tools HDX system

“All of our classrooms are studios — it’s important that we have the latest state-of-the-art equipment for our students to be competitive in the modern workflows and workplace. When Avid demoed the S6 for me at NAMM, I realized that it really puts Pro Tools onto the console in an ergonomic way. It’s important for engineers to get back to using their ears and their hands, and not their eyes on the computer screen. The Avid S6 really impressed me with how everything I needed to see and get at was at my fingertips – I didn’t need to look at the computer screen”.

Garth Richardson

Producer and Nimbus co-founder