SAE Creative Media Institute Adelaide Campus

SAE Creative Media institute – Adelaide Campus, Australia

Education-  S6 M40 System

S6 M40 32 Faders 9 Knob – Producers Desk – S6 Leg Frame – Pro Tools HDX system

“As an educational facility, we are constantly looking to the future and where the industry is headed. If there are technologies that are going to be commonplace in audio production, we need to be teaching our students about those technologies. The S6 is the future. Having this desk in our campus gives us the ability to expose students to that future whilst still grounding students in fundamental audio engineering principles.

From when we first saw the the S6, it just looked amazing. The visual feedback is incredible and the detail in the graphics is so clear and precise, it makes you want to mix on it. The visual feedback and the workflow flexibility are probably the biggest features for us.”

James Chang


SAE Creative Media Institute Adelaide