Red Hot Chili Peppers Tour

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Engineers: Sean “Sully” Sullivan (FOH), Jason Gossman (Broadcast/Recording)

Concert Touring – VENUE | S6L (x2)

Sully mixing FOH for the RHCP 'Getaway' world tour on an S6L system supplied by Rat Sound.

James Lockyer (systems tech) and Sully at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

“Not to say that the Profiles sounded bad, but the S6L’s are obviously better. That’s where I think the biggest difference is. Avid has upped the game as far as the input quality goes. My first time hearing the full band was in front of a crowd. The house lights went off and it was time to go. It’s not how I typically like it to go, but since they sent me recordings of shows, the power of S6L’s Virtual Soundcheck made it easy. For me, Virtual Soundcheck is the biggest game-changing event in live sound since the beginning—it’s that big of a deal.”

Sean “Sully” Sullivan – FOH engineer for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck, Rihanna, Atoms for Peace


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