Shawn Mendes Tour

Shawn Mendes

Engineer: Tom Wood (FOH)

Concert Touring – VENUE | S6L

Tom Wood mixing FOH on Shawn Mendes' first headlining world tour

At the S6L during sound check

Part of the experience of moving over from a Profile to the S6L was the realization that it really is just as fast once you’re comfortable making it your own.

Layouts have been super handy on this tour. A lot of the additional channel count hasn’t just been in the form of instrumentation, it’s been miscellaneous things like comms and timecode. While I still have to deal with them at times, I don’t need to have them in front of me more than once or twice during the show. It’s comforting to think that in an emergency, things are no more than a button away. In fact, now we’re running a satellite stage in the middle of the arenas I can throw everything I need to make that happen in a layer. Features like that rock!

The AVB side of things might just be my favorite part of the S6L. Virtual Soundchecking is just becoming more of what we do daily and I’m loving the VENUELink feature! Having playback transport controls right in front of me during soundcheck and Pro Tools markers added in harmony with my snapshots during a show is a dream.

Tom Wood – FOH engineer for Shawn Mendes, K-OS, Dragonette, Wanting Qu

Check out Tom Wood’s Instagram @godofthecurlyworld.


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