Smart Post Sound

Smart Post Sound  Burbank, CA

Film/TV Post Facility – S6 M10 systems

Dual Operator S6 M10 48 Faders – Custom Desk – Pro Tools HDX

A stage is just a stage. Nobody’s going to use it willingly unless you say ‘We didn’t just build two more stages, we built two of the best stages with the newest, slickest technology that you will ever work on.’  And it worked! To tell you how well it worked, we have paid back the cost of that gear in less than six months with the work that we’ve done…”

Joe Melody

President – Smart Post Sound


“Getting around the S6 is fast and I love the metering on each fader. The amount of information on the OLED displays is incredible, they are like ‘super scribble strips’ and the new faders are silky smooth. The ergonomics and the flexibility of being able to configure the knob and pan modules is great… We have reversed the modules for better access.”

Larry Benjamin

Vice President Mixing – Smart Post Sound