Smoke & Mirrors, TAG

Smoke & Mirrors, TAG – London, UK

Music for Post- S6 M10

S6 M10 16 Faders 5 Knobs – custom desk – Pro Tools HDX system & Logic Pro

“It’s clear that Avid considered the audio post market with this console as there are so many intuitive features geared towards this workflow. Assignable soft keys, the enhanced transport section and jog wheel, and of course the main feature, the multi point touch screen which allows you to navigate the entire project and console at your finger tips and also gives instant access to channels, sends, plug ins, and just about anything. All this helps to work with greater efficiency and precision, which is key when turning around a high volume of work under time constraints.

As we compose in Logic we have the ability to run our compositions simultaneously with Pro Tools, making it more efficient to deal with last minute picture tweaks. Having the ability to work with Logic so easily on the S6 is brilliant.”

Scott Little

Head of Audio at Smoke & Mirrors