Station 102.1 The Edge - Corus Entertainment

Station 102.1 The Edge – Corus Entertainment

Toronto, Canada

Broadcast – VENUE | S3L-X

102.1 The Edge broadcasts several live concert performances per month in addition to its regular programming - S3L-X feeds directly into Corus Entertainment’s AES-based Wheatstone system

The studio features a large garage door that can be opened in the summertime to accommodate outdoor audiences of up to 2,000

“The first band we had on [stage], the team and I had to blink the first time we sent [the sound] to air—we couldn’t believe how different the tonality sounded from our old analog board. It sounds crazy, but the S3L has added a third dimension to the sound. We were just floored by the tonality and acoustic response that it provided as it sounds truly amazing. I know that Avid systems are standard for the types of bands that come through the Corus Quay facility. To have these high-profile bands providing us their VENUE show files before they even get here, and to have the on-air show ready to go before they arrive, is an advantage and benefit for us.”

Michael Emmons – Remote Radio Coordinator, Corus Entertainment