Strength to Stand Conference

Strength to Stand Conference

Sound Company: Internally Sound

Worship Conference – VENUE | S6L

The Internally Sound team used dual S6L systems at FOH and monitors for the Strength to Stand conferences held in the Great Smoky Mountains in December and January

“We are totally thrilled by the way it sounds. It doesn’t seem to have a color or a signature, just very clean, and transparent. Things that we thought sounded good before (and did), don’t sound as good to us now because the S6L sounds so much better. Moving from the VENUE 3 software that we were on with SC48 up to S6L’s VENUE 5.0 software has been painless, enabling me to build shows the way I did before with no limits—that’s a big deal. All of our guys were able to get up to speed and navigate on it quickly.”

Mark Jenkins – co-founder/owner of Internally Sound