Studio 45

Studio 45 — Warsaw, Poland

Studio 45 is owned and run by sound engineer/music producer/mixing engineer Marcin Gajko, who has engineered and mixed over 100 music albums and singles as well as over 15,000 TV episodes (dubbing) for Disney, Warner, Turner, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, and others.

The studio is built around a Pro Tools system with two Avid S1 control surfaces and a sizable assortment of outboard gear.

Marcin Gajko

“When I mixed on large format analog consoles, I loved to have my hands on a real faders because it was almost like playing an instrument. Now, thanks to my two Avid S1’s, I’ve got exactly the same feeling but in more compact and efficient format. It was a “must have” for my new mixing room—thanks Avid!”

Marcin Gajko, engineer, producer, and owner of Studio 45