Dancing with the Stars

Sundance Film Festival

Park City, USA

Event – VENUE | S6L (x2), VENUE | Profile, VENUE | SC48

Rob McWhorter mixing on S6L-32D at the ASCAP Cafe

Greg Downs mixing monitors on the new S6L-16C system

“This desk sounds amazing—it brought an entirely fresh nuance to the stage mixes. The flexibility is mind blowing as I was able to configure mix setups individually to each artist. Being new to the S6L I found it a complete joy to customize every bit to exactly how I wanted the desk laid out, while user layouts made sound checks and sets for five acts a day super easy. I loved how easy it was to share a stage rack. Setup was a breeze and tear down was so quick and easy I kept thinking I must have forgot something!”

Greg Downs – engineer, producer, owner of Pale Horse Sound Studios


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