Technicolor Toronto

Technicolor Toronto – Canada

Audio for Post – S6 M40 Dual Operator Dub Stage

Studio’s 8 & 10: Dual Operator S6 M40 48 Faders 9 Knob with Displays – Custom desk – Multiple Pro Tools HDX systems

Frank Morrone – Emmy winning re-recording mixer mixing “The Strain”

“Between the HDX cards and the S6 console – we have a very powerful combination. Some of the features that the S6 offers – I can basically use the touchscreen or the VCA’s and VCA spill and the Layouts to get at any of the tracks I need quickly. Those are all powerful tools. But if I had to pick just one – I love the touchscreen; it’s a great, great feature! I find that I am constantly going to it and being able to scroll through tracks or go to EQ’s or the surround panner – and it just really allows me to work very quickly and efficiently. It’s also fun – that’s the best way to put it, the S6 is a lot of fun to work on.”

Frank Morrone Re-Recording Mixer

The Strain, The Kennedys, LOST