Ted Nugent Tour

Ted Nugent


 Frank Trzaskowski (FOH), Mark Harvey (Monitors)

Concert Touring – VENUE | S3L-X (x2)

Frank Trzaskowski is production manger and FOH engineer for Nugent's 'Sonic Baptism' summer tour of 56 shows in 66 days

“Never felt more analog on a digital console than on the VENUE | S3L-X system. We get a lot of compliments and great reviews for our live sound, which is in your face and loud as to be expected from a Nugent show, but on the other hand crystal clear and free of harshness, so often associated with digital consoles. Ted and band never do sound checks due to our intense travel schedule, so the virtual sound check with one flip of a button is a real life saver—one simple ethernet cable, and no extra hardware other than my AVB-enabled Mac book with Pro Tools 12.4 needed. And the compact size helps to get me into the best mixing position most of the time, a totally underestimated feature.”

Frank Trzaskowski – FOH engineer (Ted Nugent, Accept, Extreme, Ritchie Blackmore)