YRF Studios

YRF Studios — Mumbai, India

YRF Studios opened in 2005 and includes a 116 seat film mix stage that is among the biggest in India and is approved for Dolby ATMOS

YRF Chief Recording Engineer, Anuj Mathur, at the Pro Tools | S6

“I need every track right in front of me, with the ability to switch to any of the Pro Tools | HDX2 workstations or other recorders. By having all the parameters on the master module – and the waveforms on the display in front of me – I have everything at my fingertips. I can highlight any of them and switch between sources using the touch screen. This is the big advantage of the S6. Having everything in one central position means I don’t have to run around and can work right in the sweet spot.”

Anuj Mathur, Chief Recording Engineer, YRF Studios