Post Production Collaboration on a Budget

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For years, Avid has been leading the way for the media industry to seize the opportunities and overcome the challenges that the digitization of media has unleashed.  Since April of 2013, Avid has focused several resources to deliver on our promise to completely transform and advance broadcast and post-production workflows into this new age. This week, continuing that vision, we have delivered the latest release of MediaCentral | Editorial Management.  Purpose-built to accelerate post production, MediaCentral | Editorial Management enables creative teams to create and collaborate more effectively in this increasingly competitive environment.

For Avid editors, it provides a completely integrated media panel within Media Composer | Ultimate, making it easy to search and access bins and clips across Avid NEXIS. And it makes it easy for PAs to create and organize projects and bins using a simple browser interface to support the editing team—without requiring Media Composer. Through Avid’s unique HyperBin architecture, it delivers enhanced collaborative capabilities, enabling teams to stay in sync, have greater control over their media, and turn around their best work faster than ever before.  Resulting in the ability to accelerate the editing process.

Another request we have received is about managing and controlling the costs associated with post production, as well as being able to leverage the role of the Assistant Editor.  With this release of MediaCentral | Editorial Management, there is no need to invest in expensive workstations to jumpstart new projects or facilitate the review process.  MediaCentral | Editorial Management enables anyone on the team to create, browse, search for, organize, and manage projects, bins, and media—as well as play sequences—using any computer.

Finally, when you think about the end-to-end workflow associated with post production, the other key area that MediaCentral | Editorial Management dramatically expedites, is the process of finding and sharing media across Avid NEXIS or Avid NEXIS | PRO and multiple Media Composer | Ultimate workstations.  Thus, providing better collaborative efficiency while reducing the cost of operation. Its core indexing engine and service keep track of all stored projects and media, so everyone on your team can view what’s available in real time.

MediaCentral | Editorial Management is easy to deploy and maintain, so you’ll be up and running in no time. It installs through a streamlined configuration wizard and leverages your existing Avid NEXIS user management and access control configurations automatically, so team members only see the workspaces to which they have access.

I want to thank all our tremendous customers who have fed back critical insights, requests, and feature suggestions over the past few years. Your engagement is highly valued by the entire team as we work to develop the most robust file and workflow management for small to mid-sized creative teams in the world.

Creative Collaboration Made Simple

Add powerful, simple-to-deploy asset management capabilities to your file-based editing workflow with Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management.

Colleen Smith is Vice President, Market Solutions. Colleen recently joined Avid with over 25 years of enterprise software marketing, sales and product strategy experience.