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There’s an art to capturing the performance of an actor or artist in a recording studio. A part of this creative process is about removing obstacles and solving challenges that may be present so that the actor may be at ease and deliver their best. When it comes to capturing ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement), otherwise known as Post Sync Dialogue, it can be even harder to provide this space for the actor, given the technical requirements of the process. One of the key ways to elevate an ADR record session is to have accurate ADR cue sheets that detail exactly what needs to be recorded and why.

Here’s a quick video showing the ADR record process:

Recording ADR for the film ‘Norman’

It’s the job of the ADR supervisor to prepare the ADR cues sheets and bring them to the ADR record session. There are many ways to create these cues, from typing them into a Word document, to using a custom built application designed specifically for the job.


Enter EdiCue

First released in August 2007, this Mac/Windows application was created to allow sound editors to log and manage their ADR cues with ease. Since its release it has become an industry standard, receiving an Engineering Emmy® Award in 2015. Recently, EdiCue v3 was released containing an abundance of industry requested features.

EdiCue v3 - New Features

What is EdiCue’s Superpower?

Rather than create a list of cues in a separate application, manually assigning timecodes or footages to each cue, EdiCue allows you to create and store the directly in either the Pro Tools or Media Composer timeline. For Pro Tools, cues are stored in clips and placed on predefined character tracks, while for Media Composer, cues are stored in markers. This not only allows you to see the cues playing in the timeline as you edit, but also simplifies the process of updating cues when picture changes occur.

For sound editors and supervisors cueing with Pro Tools, EdiCue can also load the PDF shooting script into the session interface window. This provides a way to filter the lines by scene or character, and extract script lines for editing so that cues don’t need to be entered from scratch.

Once cueing is complete, the Pro Tools session or Media Composer marker data is loaded into EdiCue to export the files required for the ADR record session. All settings made in EdiCue are stored in a production settings file, so any last minute updates to cues can be made and re-exported without a fuss.

EdiCue can export a variety of files including a summary PDF, PDF scripts for the record session, and the raw ADR cue data in various file formats to aid the recording process.

The Summary PDF lists the actors required and a time estimate for each. This can be sent to production to schedule the actors and book the recording studios required.

The PDF scripts can be exported using a variety of preset layouts including one for the Actor, Director and Engineer. It exports these varied layouts as each person needs to focus on different aspects of each cue, so each layout contains different fields or styling. The preset layouts can also be customized; if your director is used to seeing his or her cues in a particular way, EdiCue allows you to update the layout accordingly.

EdiCue can also export the raw ADR cue data in various file formats, either for displaying the cues and text on screen, or to help the engineer automatically locate to each cue point and rename the record track(s) with the associated cue number. The former helps the actor stay in character while perform their lines in sync with the picture, while the latter helps the engineer focus their attention on the actor and director by automating repetitive tasks. Both of these functions are provided by our partner application EdiPrompt.

EdiCue v3 running on macOS Mojave

By using a proven application like EdiCue, you can seamlessly create the documentation required to have your next ADR record session run smoothly and allow for a great performance to be captured.

Purchase your copy of EdiCue v3 from Avid Marketplace.



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