Presenting HALO Post Production Nominee for Best Post House at Broadcast Awards

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HALO Post Production provides a peaceful and attractive environment where production teams get expert support and where advice is freely available from skilled and creative operators, post-producers and a support team. The combination of post production know-how, creative talent and technical excellence required to service all these distinct genres make HALO a uniquely adaptable, versatile and dependable post production partner. We presented our list of questions to John Rogerson, Chief Executive of HALO Post Production.

Type of Content

What kind of content were you/your clients working on 20 years ago, and for what platform/s?
20 years ago I was working mainly on film, reversioning for home video and doing various language versions.

What is your main genre today, and for what platform/s?
Nowadays our primary markets are film and TV (factual and drama).

What do you think it will be in 20 years and for what platform/s?
I really have no idea. I tend to live in the 24 hours of today; I don’t look too far forward or too far backward.

David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive


How did you create and deliver content in 1995?
For TV it was mainly on Digibeta. For film it was either on 35mm mag, DAT or one of the older D1, D2, D3 etc digital tape formats.

How do you create and deliver it today?
Files, files and more files. Occasionally on an HDCAM SR or DCP.

How do you think you will do it in 2035?
It’ll be some kind of file, god knows what. Certain to be an annoying one pontificated over by a host of under-occupied techies for years.

Post Equipment

What was your main post production tool in 1995?
From an audio point of view, multitrack tape.

What is it in 2015?
Pro tools and Avid Media Composer – everything is digital apart from a few audiophile outboard units.

What will it be in 2035?
God knows.

What did you want someone to invent to make things easier in 1995/2015?
I’d be delighted if there weren’t quite so many file formats kicking around.


What post services did you offer in 1995?
HALO wasn’t around in 1995, but Nat’s where I worked at the time was a full service facility.

How has that changed and what do you/your clients want/need now?
HALO is full-service so it hasn’t really changed – just a different set of processes – essentially it’s still rushes in, telly out.

What will you offer in 2035?
Hopefully I’ll be a yoga teacher by then, so wisdom and flexibility is all I can hope to offer!


Human Universe

Differentiating Yourselves

What did you offer above and beyond post services (e.g. bar, table football, etc)?
A smile and a laugh.

What do you offer now?
More smiles and more laughs, there are plenty of bars in town. I think people like to (or should) get out of the work environment to play.

What will clients expect in 2035?
More for less and digital bananas, who knows?


Describe your main client base in 1995.
Production companies and broadcasters.

What does it look like today?
Much the same – however, there are so many more production companies.

What do you think it will look like in 20 years?
There will probably only be one huge production company and TV station owed by Satan himself.



How did you recruit and train your staff in 1995 – media school? Runners?
It was all in-house – having a good technical basis from a college is great but you need local knowledge and front-line experience to perform at the level required of a busy post facility.

How do you recruit and train today?
Recruitment is generally word of mouth for any mid-to-senior positions. Training is formulated by each head of department under the guidance of the Director of Operations.

Random Questions

Who has been the most interesting/famous person to visit your facility?
Mick Jagger, Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Smith, Sir David Attenborough, Michael Caine, Paul McCartney … and Paddington.

What was the best party you ever held/attended?
The best parties are the party after the party – so quite difficult to remember. The one after winning the Broadcast Award last year was pretty special … I think :o/

What has been your most unusual lunch order?
‘Pouilly Fumé at 3 degrees centigrade’


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