Presenting Technicolor Creative Services Nominee for Best Post House at Broadcast Awards

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The mission of Technicolor Creative Services is developing, creating and delivering immersive augmented digital life experiences that ignite our imagination. Their strategic plan is built on 3 pillars: boost innovation pipe and expand licensing, develop innovative solutions to address expanding digital markets, and leverage existing assets for scale or access to broader ecosystems. We had the pleasure to interview Tom Cotton, Vice President of Technicolor Creative Services .

The Eichmann Show

It’s funny to think back on the business in 1995. Huge leaps in technology have been made, most notably the jump from tape to digital, but also the proliferation of channels. Twenty years ago we did not even have a broadcast business in London – it’s really incredible to think how far we have come in that period of time. We’re actually celebrating our 100-year anniversary this year, so have been thinking a lot about where we began and where we are going, it’s been quite a journey so far, and all at Technicolor are excited about what is ahead.

Our highly talented team is growing rapidly in both picture and sound, following our decision to move sound post into Soho. A recent project, which has been making good use of these new sound studios, is the much-anticipated The Eichmann Show produced by Feel Good Fiction and aired on BBC2. Our aim these past few years has been centred on creating the best range of services possible for our clients, and the new sound suites are a great example of this.

Black Mirror Christmas Special

Our clients are hugely important to us and we know from feedback that having everything under one roof streamlines the post process and ultimately equates to successful projects. Our main point of differentiation is a desire to be talent-led, which results in us working on fantastic projects, and increasingly offering end-to-end services. With the tax incentives now covering Broadcast, and the popularity of high-production value dramas both on TV and online, we see a bright future for Broadcast Post in the UK.

What will happen in the future nobody knows. Technology is providing new ways to create and also to consume. Whatever it is, I hope it’s nothing like the future in Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror Christmas Special produced by House of Tomorrow and shown on Channel 4, which we provided DI and VFX for. Technology advances of particular interest to us are 4K UHD, HDR, and advanced colour technologies. It will be interesting to look back in five years’ time, and see how many of the predicted changes occurred, and how many were unforeseen.


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