Pro Mixing: How Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer Will Files Creates Inspiring Feature Film Soundtracks on the Avid MediaCentral Platform

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It’s IBC time again! It was one year ago at this show when we announced the revolutionary Pro Tools | S6 modular control surface. A lot has happened in that year, including three big software updates to answer customer needs and there’s another update just around the corner.

It was also at IBC 2013 that we unveiled the Avid Everywhere vision and the Avid Customer Association was formed.  Avid Everywhere is really about leveraging integrated technology to allow content creators to collaborate better, be more efficient and more creative (and ultimately connect them better with consumers). And while there are some really cool things coming with cloud collaboration, Avid Everywhere exists today with the Avid MediaCentral Platform. That’s a big name for the integrated technologies and products that our customers use every day and leverage to gain the most efficient and creative workflows they can. Pro Tools 11, Pro Tools | HDX, Pro Tools | S6, System 5, Media Composer, VENUE, ISIS shared storage and Sibelius are just some of the products on the platform. The way they work together and the ‘special sauce’ that integrates the workflows are things like EUCON protocol, Satellite Link/Video Satellite, VENUE Link, Sibelius notation in Pro Tools, DNxHD video and many more. It’s also an open platform that allows third-party developers to add functionality, an example of which is our fast-growing AAX audio plug-in developers.

Avid MediaCentral Platform

I love when I get the opportunity to interview and talk to successful people who are leveraging Avid Everywhere and the MediaCentral Platform right now—people like Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer Will Files. Will is an engaging, young superstar in the film sound business and a real renaissance man.  He was profiled in The Hollywood Reporter’s “Crafts: The Next Generation” 2007 issue as one of “the brightest and most talented 35-and-under artisans” in the industry. Check him out in this recent interview we did at NAB 2014 in April, right before the big summer blockbuster release he supervised and mixed called: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. He talks about his approach to feature soundtracks and doing it with the integrated tools of the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

“The huge advantage I’ve found with working entirely in Pro Tools – 100% Pro Tools mix – is that I can take it from facility to facility… It’s letting me maximize the amount of time I spend with the clients and on the final stage.” —Will Files

You can also watch the recent Secrets from Inside Bad Robot webinar that includes Will’s contributions to help design an audio mix workflow with Media Composer surround sound functionality at Bad Robot for the film Star Trek Into Darkness.  There are Pro Tools rigs for sound design and music editing and they contribute surround sound files to Media Composer video editorial, but it was J.J. Abrams desire to carry a really good temp mix in the video editorial process that drove them to create this evolved workflow. Bad Robot with Will Files is another great example of a customer who leverages all of our products across the MediaCentral Platform: Media Composer, Pro Tools, ISIS, Artist Series controllers, Satellite Technology and more….

Hope to see you either at IBC 2014 on the show floor orAvid Connect Europe on September 11th at the Future of Pro Mixing workshop!

“This building is the inspiring intersection of art and technology, one without the other would be nothing… it would be just half of a whole. But by putting them together and by having the incredible products that people at Avid make – we’ve been able to raise our game in a way that is actually kind of spectacular!” —Ben Rosenblatt, Producer, Bad Robot

Pro Mixing: How Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer Will Files Creates Inspiring Feature Film Soundtracks on the Avid MediaCentral Platform

Will Files at Bad Robot creating some sound design elements in Pro Tools with the Artist Control

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