Pro Mixing: In the Studio with Ken Andrews and Pro Tools | S3

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For me, it’s always a treat to see talented musicians create music together, and recently I had the chance to do so – and so can you in this video! Ken Andrews is one of my favorite modern rock musicians, songwriters, singers, guitar players and producers. I’ve known Ken for many years and his 2007 record “Secret’s of the Lost Satellite” is one of my favorites and always at the top of my iTunes Playlist. He mixes ‘in-the-box’ with Pro Tools | HDX and usually uses a trackball to do so on a very ergonomic Anthrocart that has a cool sit/stand electric lift option. When we announced the affordable, ergonomic, compact and powerful Pro Tools | S3 mixing surface, Ken was one of the first people that came to mind to get it in his hands.

So I approached him with the idea of having him do an alternate version of one of the songs from that 2007 record and taking around the S3 out to several of his friends studios to record some new parts with the built-in AVB Interface, then mix the song and really put the console through the paces. He was very willing to do so and allow us to tag along to shoot the process, share the mix and then give his impressions of the integrated solution for Pro Tools. Take a look.

And here is the finished mix of the song.



You can also view the full In the Studio with Pro Tools | S3  webinar where Ken answers questions about his experience, as well as a full 30-minute overview of how the surface functions from the product designer Kyle Splittgerber.

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