Pro Mixing: How Technicolor Toronto Collaborates in the Real World with Avid Everywhere

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This is part two of our end-of-summer article about Technicolor Toronto and Re-recording Mixer Frank Morrone’s experience mixing The Strain with a Pro Tools | S6 control surface. Part one of the article was the full transcript of an interview I did with Frank, with his perspective as a mixer. This part will be centered on the video interview with Frank and other key folks at Technicolor Toronto and why they chose the Avid Everywhere integrated solutions and workflows for Post Mixing.

What really makes the story interesting and special, in my opinion, is that it is told through the lens of three different individuals at the facility, with three different jobs, requirements and challenges. All need to work as a team to keep the business prosperous, and at the end of the day, need to find the best-integrated solution to meet that goal. James Porteus is the Manager of Sound Services for Technicolor Toronto and is responsible for managing the business, the rooms, the mixers and ultimately keeping the clients coming back through the door. Ron Lynch is the Audio Engineering Manager and is the lead technical engineer for designing, implementing and supporting the rooms that the editorial and mix staff work in. The third person – is of course Frank Morrone, who represents a lead re-recording mixer on one of those stages, with a ton of cutting edge post mixing experience. Let’s take a look.

Over the past year they have implemented large scale upgrades to their rooms partnering with local Toronto reseller Saved By Technology and Avid including Pro Tools HDX systems across many rooms, 2 Dual Operator Pro Tools | S6 rooms and a large System 5 Hybrid DSP console for mixing IMAX theatrical releases.

How Technicolor Toronto Collaborates in the Real World with Avid Everywhere

“Every time Avid has released the product, they’ve listened to us… and have responded to that.”

— Frank Morrone, Re-Recording Mixer

How Technicolor Toronto Collaborates in the Real World with Avid Everywhere

Manager of Sound Services, James Porteus (above at a System 5 console), describes the relationship as a partnership. “The improvements in technology that Avid has brought to the table have been instrumental in the decision-making process based on its ability to be able to handle a much more robust workflow. And Avid is listening and responding, I would say, beyond what is humanly possible to a lot of the concerns that we have. Which is great because that’s the type of partnership we need in order to be successful, for all of us to be successful, quite frankly.”

“Going forward, we were very confident that we are in good hands with the Avid support. The type of support that they do give us is second to none, and we would not hesitate to purchase the next version when our needs come around again from Avid.”

— Ron Lynch, Audio Engineering Manager

How Technicolor Toronto Collaborates in the Real World with Avid Everywhere

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