Pro Tools 2019: Be More Creative During Playback

Pro Tools 2019 introduces improvements that allow users to create faster and more easily during playback.

When you’re being creative, it’s important that your DAW feels transparent.  Previously, when adding a track, plug-in, or send, playback would briefly stop whilst Pro Tools performs the action. This can be a little annoying and distracting but it also disrupts the creative flow. And this is particularly true is you are playing back live MIDI tracks. The momentary disruption will put any loops that are playing out of time and you then have to wait for a whole loop cycle to complete before things come back into alignment.


Make creative choices during playback

Pro Tools 2019 introduces continuous playback features that allow you to perform timeline and track interactions without hindering your creativity. Whether you are on Pro Tools software or running an HD Native or HDX system, drops in playback should no longer occur while making simple changes to sessions and projects. These include:

  • adding and removing sends and plug-ins
  • moving inserts and sends to different slots on the same track
  • dragging sends and inserts between tracks
  • adding and removing tracks
  • dragging tracks up and down
  • making tracks active/inactive
  • making changes to your I/O

This is not to say that Pro Tools will never glitch on playback. If you insert a particularly heavy instrument plug-in or delete several tracks at once, then you may get a brief pause but you will see improvement in the majority of regular interactions with Pro Tools.


Working with Dynamic Transport

Dynamic Transport has been in Pro Tools for some time now. It is primarily aimed at music production workflows and offers ways of working with loop playback that are not otherwise available.

In short, Dynamic Transport lets you decouple the playback location from the Timeline selection. When it is engaged, you can position the Play Start Marker independently of the Timeline Selection and the Play Start Marker can be repositioned during playback and playback continues from the new location.

Dynamic Transport is useful in conjunction with Loop Playback mode. For example, you can set a loop of, say, four bars and then have the ability to start and stop playback within the loop. Pro Tools 2019 significantly improves this workflow by allowing you to adjust the start and end points of your loop or move the loop position without interrupting playback.


To learn more about the latest features in Pro Tools 2019, please visit our What’s New page.

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