What’s New in Pro Tools — October 2019

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Since its launch, Pro Tools 2019 continues to empower users to create, record, edit, and mix their work better and faster, with access to more tracks, voices, smoother playback interaction, and new workflows, features, and enhancements. At AES 2019 in New York City, we we previewed the October release of Pro Tools 2019, which is now available. It features some new improvements and functionality, geared primarily for post-production users.  However, many other users will find these additions useful as well.  Let’s have a quick look at what’s new in Pro Tools 2019!


Avid Video Engine Improvements

With this update, Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate now supports 4K/UHD video and higher frame rates. This allows more precise editing to picture, as the video will display as intended on the main timeline, both in terms of resolution and frame rate.  The added benefit of having the ability to set the resolution and framerate independently is a welcome addition for users, providing the ability to work with the many different types of video file types being used in the industry.  Also, it’s important to note that Pro Tools now mirrors Media Composer in its support for high resolution video, allowing engineers to import media directly into Pro Tools without the additional step of transcoding the file format or resolution.  With these video engine improvements enabling users to work with a wider variety of video file types in sessions, the addition of smoother H.264 video playback adds even greater performance and reliability.

Enhanced CoreAudio Support for Dolby Atmos Production Suite

Pro Tools | Ultimate users now have the ability to enable up to 130 CoreAudio channels using the Dolby Audio Bridge.  This is a huge jump from the previous limitation of 32 channels available for Dolby Atmos via CoreAudio, and a huge improvement over the workflow using Send and Return plugins.  This drastically reduces session complexity with routing.  It also helps to eliminate the tedious managing of delay compensation. All of this adds up to time-saving improvements as users can now setup a session created with the Dolby Atmos Production Suite, in Pro Tools | Ultimate, in the exact same way that their session would be setup using the Mastering Suite or Cinema Renderer. Whether you’re using HDX, HD Native, or any CoreAudio audio interface, this is a great addition, increasing efficiency and usability.  HDX users also benefit in the fact the fact that HDX is now fully compatible with the Dolby Audio Bridge, which can be selected and used as a playback device. It is worth noting that when HDX is selected as the output device with the Dolby Audio Bridge, DSP processing is disabled.

Multi-mix WAV Bounce

The ability to bounce multiple stems, interleaved into a single WAV file is another new addition for Pro Tools | Ultimate users.  This time-saving feature reduces the complexity of deliverables for audio post engineers, by streamlining stem selection and rendering workflows, removing the need for using workarounds.

Netflix Post Technology Alliance

While not a feature or workflow, per se, it’s worth mentioning that with this release, Pro Tools joins the Netflix Post Technology Alliance (PTA). Started in 2018, this alliance is a Netflix-designed program for products that manage and produce sound, image, and/or metadata for post. Products bearing the Netflix Post Technology Alliance logo have been tested to ensure that they meet all of Netflix’s technical and workflow requirements. Avid is proud to participate in the program, supporting all creative users to produce their best work at the highest standards.

With the addition of Pro Tools into the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, Avid is working closely with Netflix to ensure its solutions support technical and workflow requirements today, and into the future.

To learn more about Avid’s involvement in the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, read our blog.


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With so much happening in the world of immersive audio for both post and music, these new features and additions (over 140 stability improvements in this release!) are designed to power greater creators with more access to the tools they need to push the boundaries of their creative output with greater efficiency. If your subscription is current, grab the update via Avid Link or from the products section of your Avid.com account! Don’t forget to check system and OS requirements first! There’s much more to in store for Pro Tools and audio at Avid, so stay tuned!

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