Pro Tools For Education Gets New Cloud Collaboration Features with the Upgrade Plan

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Pro Tools is the industry standard DAW adopted by most of the top educational institutions to help teach students music creation and audio post workflows found in professional and project studios around the world. For many years Avid has offered special pricing for Academic versions of Pro Tools to make it easier for students and teachers to incorporate Pro Tools as part of the teaching curriculum.

Starting on Oct 10th 2014 we made some changes to the Pro Tools for Education package in preparation for new features coming to Pro Tools in 2015.

Pro Tools for Education comes with exactly the same features and included virtual instruments and effects plug-ins as Pro Tools as well as a Pro Tools 11/10 license. If you purchased or upgraded to Pro Tools Academic, and activated from Oct 10th 2014 up to Dec 31st 2014, you will be getting the new Pro Tools with upgrade/support plan features all the way through to March 2016.

What does this mean?

  1. Pro Tools now comes with 12-month upgrade plan giving you unlimited online support cases and up to 1 phone support case per month
  2. Any feature upgrades (normally paid upgrades) in this 12-month period, including the new Cloud Collaboration features, are included at no charge

If you activate after Dec 31st 2014, you still get the upgrade/support plan including feature upgrades but only for 12 months, after which you can continue with the plan for a $99 fee for a further 12 months. This is a perpetual license so you can run the software for as long as you like after the 12-month plan runs out, you just can’t receive continuing support and feature upgrades without being on the upgrade/support plan.

Coming in 2015 and Included in Pro Tools Academic with Upgrade/Support Plan: Cloud Collaboration and Marketplace

Collaboration is central to the Avid Everywhere strategic vision, and is now an essential part of the creative process and also helps drive online learning. Whether you are a musician working from home wanting to write songs with your friend who lives on the other side of the country, a remote student who wants to connect and create with students on campus, or a post production facility working with dozens of audio editors on a major motion picture, the new Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration and Marketplace features, shown this year in Avid Everywhere technology previews, will have a big impact on the way we all work.

Coming in 2015 – Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools

New Pro Tools for Education Pricing

Pro Tools for Education, for both teachers and students, increases from $295 to $299 for reasons to do with aligning pricing worldwide. It’s only $4 more but you get a lot more included now. Pro Tools for Education subscriptions start at $9.99 per month and an upgrade is only $99.


Buy or upgrade/crossgrade to Pro Tools for Education through your local authorized Avid reseller or the Avid Store. In all cases students and teachers must verify their educational eligibility status.

Pro Tools Institutional Pricing

Pro Tools is also available as an institutional version with a different activation procedure for academic institutions that purchase larger quantities – the individual student/teacher versions are limited to one purchase per year. Pricing and features are exactly the same at $299 for Pro Tools for Institutions, and $99 for Upgrade/Crossgrade to Pro Tools for Institutions, and are available from authorized Avid resellers.

What Happened to 4 Years of $99 upgrades?

Some earlier versions of Pro Tools without this new upgrade/support plan included 4 years of $99 upgrades. This new plan is very similar with a $99 yearly upgrade fee to keep your version of Pro Tools up to date and include the higher level of support – just purchase the Pro Tools Academic Student Upgrade/Crossgrade. There are also some early versions of Pro Tools that included 4 years of free upgrades, and for students or teachers on those versions we will still honor the free upgrades for the duration of the 4 years.

I Already Purchased/Upgraded to Pro Tools 11 Before this New Version. Why Would I Need this Upgrade?

You are already on the most current version (11) of Pro Tools so there is no need to purchase an additional upgrade now. However, in order to keep your perpetual Pro Tools Academic software license current you will need to purchase an upgrade/support plan for $99 by the end of 2015, or sooner if you want access to the next feature release.

Learn Pro Tools and Get Certified

Pro Tools Course and Certification Path

The Avid Learning Partner program is designed to equip independent training companies, corporations, universities, and other educational institutions that provide training on Avid products with the instructional expertise and deep knowledge of today’s media workflows you need to ensure your students or employees achieve the highest level of success in their field. Find an Avid Learning Partner near you from over 780 Avid Learning Partners worldwide that offer a wide range of Pro Tools courses and certification. Pro Tools courses include:

  • Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools 110: Pro Tools Production I
  • Pro Tools 201: Pro Tools Production II
  • Pro Tools 210M: Music Production Techniques
  • Pro Tools 210P: Post Production Techniques
  • Pro Tools 130: Pro Tools for Game Audio

Download details of all Avid courses and certification.

More Details

See what’s included and your licensing options or get answers about your current version eligibility and iLok licenses with this handy Pro Tools | Software and Pro Tools | HD Software Upgrades FAQ on the Avid Knowledge Base.

If you still have questions, join us on the Pro Tools 11 discussion forum on the Avid Pro Audio Community and post a new thread for our team. See you there.

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