Pro Tools | HD 12.8, Bringing You Dolby Atmos® Workflows

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As the audio industry grows, so too does the sophistication and expectations of its consumers. So how do you stay ahead of the curve and continue to create high-quality, engaging and immersive content? With Pro Tools | HD, we’re bringing you the most powerful tools in order to drive your creativity by simplifying the most complex new advancements in the audio world. With innovations taking place so frequently, we are committed to putting the most powerful tools in the industry in the hands of audio producers who are driving films, music and entertainment around the world. Dolby has set the bar for audio innovation for years—now we’re bringing Dolby’s latest game changer, Dolby Atmos, to Pro Tools | HD.

Here’s how Pro Tools | HD is making mixing in Dolby Atmos more efficient than ever:


• Work with 7.1.2 stem formats and built-in fold-down logic

• Make mixing decisions on the fly with 3D object routing automation

• Dial in mixes with complete control using deep Pro Tools | S6 integration

• And much more…


With Pro Tools | HD 12.8, we’re doing more than just bringing you the latest innovations in the audio world, we’re also enhancing the way you work as a team.

Now with Pro Tools | HD, we’re excited to introduce new collaborative and shared workflows for professional audio production with support for Avid NEXIS storage. Users can share projects on a centralized pool of media storage, turning work around faster by eliminating the time wasted moving files between different systems.

With Pro Tools 12.8, you can now increase your efficiency working with teams who may have members around the world, with Cloud Collaboration projects that can include up to 10 collaborators, plus the owner of the project. In addition, you can easily manage which Projects you want to save locally or in the cloud.

Gone are the days of sending files over email and Dropbox. With Cloud Collaboration Premium Plans, we’re giving you and your teams more control over what projects are saved to the cloud, offering enough storage for even the most extensive of projects, and allowing you to tackle any job with anyone from around the world—all without ever exiting Pro Tools.

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