Remembering James Horner

By in Pro Mixing, Video Editing

On June 22nd 2015, the world lost a brilliant artist with the untimely passing of film composer, James Horner.  Among his most celebrated achievements were original songs and scores for Avatar, Braveheart, A Beautiful Mind and his Oscar-winning work on James Cameron’s Titanic.  Following the release of Avatar, we spoke with James…

On a personal note – I was lucky enough to have worked on a few films in the mid 2000’s with James as a Pro Tools operator and am very grateful for the experience. He was a soft-spoken man who was very thoughtful, kind and incredibly talented. I sat at the Pro Tools console one evening in 2006 in utter amazement as he crafted a cue for “Apocolypto” with just a few of us in the room, building the framework one part and instrument at a time. What started out as a single instrument slowly grew into a full-fledged masterpiece that was crafted perfectly to the film. It was a night I will always remember as magical.

All of us at Avid are deeply saddened and wish the best to his family and friends at this difficult time.

Marketing manager for Avid Post Audio and Pro Mixing, I am also a veteran engineer/recordist/editor. I've worked on music scores for dozens of feature films, including Ice Age, Collateral, and The Spirit.