Pro Tools | S6 Software Version 2.1 and Joystick Module Now Available

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2.1 Is Here!

S6 takes another large step forward in the evolution of the ultimate mixing solution with its 9th software release focusing on further enhancing customization, control and portability. Mixers have asked for further refinements in the ability to customize and build their ideal modular mixing desk with the settings, Soft Keys and Layouts that they need to construct and then to be able to easily take those settings with them to other S6 desks and rooms. It also adds support for professional KVM solutions to better integrate DAW switching. To get an in-depth look at the new 2.1 features in action – check out this video:

Joystick Module

Version 2.1 software also brings to life a new module option in surround panning and plugin parameter mapping: the Master Joystick Module with two touch-sensitive joysticks. Much thought and research was put into the design of the new joystick module by talking with key post mixers to gain their valuable insight. The feedback we heard most was (compared to the previous ICON D-Control Joystick option), mixers needed both joysticks closer together to be able to operate with only one hand if desired. They also wanted a shorter stick itself, to be more easily controlled. The MJM also can be placed in the larger front ‘fader’ position with an added spacer or in the traditional smaller depth ‘knob’ position, offering the ultimate in user configuration.


You can see a quick overview of the new Master Joystick Module in this video:

And More…

Also worthy of mentioning, S6 M10 consoles are now far more configurable for users to design and order, allowing for the new Joystick Module, coming Post Module and an extra Knob Module for Expand Mode. You can see all of the details here on the Avid S6 ‘Build Your Own’ webpage. Version 2.1 software is available now via download for those on a current S6 Support Plan and the Master Joystick Module is now shipping – contact your local S6 reseller to order today.

Pro Tools | S6 with the Master Joystick Module installed in the larger Fader position with a spacer

Pro Tools | S6

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