S6L Helps Bring ‘Faye’s Moments Live 2016’ to Millions of Fans

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Following a lengthy absence from the stage, the much-anticipated concert by Faye Wong, Faye’s Moments Live 2016 was held in Shanghai’s 8,000-seat Mercedes-Benz Cultural Centre on December 30th 2016. It opened a new page in music history, allowing millions of her fans to watch the free live webcast.

'Over 20 million people have watched the concert online. We are all very excited about that.' - Simon Li, live mixing and recording engineer

At the core of the audio equipment required for the live sound production was the Avid VENUE | S6L, chosen by the exclusive online broadcaster for the concert, Tencent Video.

“I have used VENUE Profile for other concerts, as well as a D-Command | 24 controller in my own studio, so I am quite familiar with VENUE software and Avid’s user interface,” explains Mr. Simon Li, recording and mixing engineer of Moments Live 2016. “That’s why I chose S6L for this performance. And S6L supports recording 128 channels at a sample rate of 96 kHz, which is also a vital reason for my choice. The console won’t crash with these huge data transmissions—that proves its super reliable and stable.”

The online live sound production system for Faye’s Moments Live 2016 included a VENUE | S6L-32D control surface with an E6L-192 core engine and two Stage 64 I/O stage boxes. The multichannel audio signals were transferred from the performance venue to a 6-core CPU Mac Pro running ProTools over the system’s Ethernet AVB network. The whole system was provided by Miso Tech, while AHM Engineering was responsible for the coordination and equipment shipping.

“It has been over a decade since my first cooperation with Faye. My role evolved from recording engineer in the beginning to mixing and mastering engineer in 2001, but this is the first time I have delivered online live mixing,” said Mr. Li. “Our team was invited to the multichannel recording and live mixing of Faye’s Moments Live 2016. Tencent invited the Dolby team to help with the 5.1 surround and Atmos sound production. They received our 96 kHz stereo live mix and the ambience mic signals via MADI and used SSL’s AES/MADI converter to convert the signal down to 48 kHz. Finally they encoded the full mix into Dolby surround and Atmos format. Over 20 million people have watched the concert online. We are all very excited about that.”

The production team poses with Faye Wong (at center)

Mr. Simon Li started the sound postproduction of Faye’s live concert recently, and is satisfied with the live recording quality. Li shares, “The S6L really impressed me, especially its sound quality. As a veteran Pro Tools user for over ten years, from Pro Tools v4.3 to v12.7, I can easily handle the S6L by drawing on my experience of using VENUE Profile and Pro Tools, since the user interfaces and workflows are similar. Moreover, the workflow becomes smoother with the new combo.”

“I used McDSP, Sonnox, Crane Song, Sansamp, Avid Mod Delay and the newly launched Avid Tape Echo plug-ins in the post production mixing phase,” explained Mr. Li. “I have to mention one song named ‘Idiot’, to which a vocal distortion effect is added in the chorus part. I remember when I was in charge of the original song mixing in 2001, I used a plug-in called Sansamp to create this feeling. Coincidentally, I am using the same plug-in to recreate that effect—not with Pro Tools, but with the S6L console. I have to say it recalled lots of good memories.”

Although Faye’s Moments Live 2016 has passed, the concert’s online live video is still attracting more and more fans who want to experience this historic performance, with the video having been played over 300 million times to date.


Faye’s Moments Live 2016 online live production team:

Director: Alvin Leong

Recording/Mixing Engineer: Simon Li

Assistant Mixing Engineer: Rice Fong

Assistant Recording Engineer: Jason Wong

Assistant Recording Engineer: Jason Li.

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