Say Goodbye to Patchwork Workflows — Avid MediaCentral at IBC 2017

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Step back in time two decades to taped-based media production. You would quite likely find a ‘patchwork quilt’ workflow, Scotch tape’d together with equal measures of inspiration and perspiration. Within the last decade, converting to a file-based workflow harmonized the content and yielded efficiencies, but the digital tools required to stitch together the silos – asset management, news rundown, editing, storage, graphics, transcoding and playout – continue to present a challenge for anyone in the business of content creation.

This is mainly because most vendors focus on solutions to address one or two links in the digital production chain. Few manufacturers have the resources and scope to take a holistic approach to the entire workflow. While the effort is immense, the rewards are huge – streamlining the workflow yields productivity gains that give newsrooms, post facilities, and creative teams of all sizes the power to create and deliver more content in shorter timeframes.

Fast-forward to the explosion of content coming in from many different sources, all of which needs to be ingested, tagged, stored and made accessible.  On the distribution side, consumers expect to be able to receive content on any device, at any time, wherever they are. And this is all happening as broadcasters face increasing economic pressure to streamline operations.

Addressing this not insignificant challenge was the primary goal behind the development of the all-new Avid MediaCentral, the industry’s most comprehensive platform for media workflow, announced at IBC 2017.

Avid MediaCentral is the first media platform to integrate newsroom, sports, post and live production workflows into a single, scalable user experience. It delivers the same high performance and reliability whether you have a team of two, or a global media enterprise with hundreds of distributed contributors. It’s a simple premise: start with the capabilities and workflows you need now, and add components as you grow to expand and accelerate production.

There are five primary workflow modules: Asset Management, Editorial Management, Production Management, Newsroom Management and Graphics Management. Other capabilities can be added through a variety of media services, user apps, editor panels, and third-party connectors to search, edit, manage, and distribute content, as well as integrate tasks, rundowns, social media, and real-time graphics into your workflow.

The MediaCentral suite drives efficiencies in three ways: ease of use, collaboration and deployment.

MediaCentral | Cloud UX

The task-oriented, HTML5-based MediaCentral | Cloud UX interface is designed to help you jump right in and start working immediately. Even as you add new modules to your workflow, MediaCentral | Cloud UX makes every new tool familiar, and keeps you productive – no more bouncing between multiple tools to complete projects. You can even access MediaCentral through dedicated iOS and Android apps, with the same interactive experience and simplicity.

Different teams, media, and workflows can be seamlessly connected, putting an end to work silos and making real-time collaboration a reality for remote contributors. Tracking down content has never been so easy. MediaCentral provides global search and browsing capabilities, enabling team members, wherever they are located, to quickly find and access relevant video, audio, news scripts, and documents across the entire MediaCentral ecosystem.

One very cool feature – and a huge time-saver – is phonetic search. With this feature you can locate every clip that contains a specific spoken word or phrase in milliseconds—across all available storage and archives. Editors don’t even need to leave the comfort of their editing application, as MediaCentral can be accessed directly from within Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

The all-new installation and deployment app, MediaCentral | Deploy, completely automates software installation across every enterprise platform service, and handles all basic configuration automatically, making installation orders of magnitude faster than manual processes, and greatly reducing the risk of human error

What’s more, the modularity of the MediaCentral platform dramatically simplifies licensing and user management. With every element of the media workflow now part of a single, unified system, administrators have one central place to switch modules on and off, manage licensing, and designate user roles and permissions. Licensing and user management for every module, app, and tool all takes place at the platform level.

This modularity also makes it easy to migrate operations to the cloud. MediaCentral gives you complete choice and flexibility to handle media production in the way that best suits your business—on premise, in a private data center, public cloud, or with a hybrid model.

Developing the new MediaCentral eco-system has been Avid’s largest-ever engineering project. We firmly believe that it will serve your needs for the next decade and longer, helping you create better content faster, deliver to more outlets and devices, and maximize the value of your media.

Avid MediaCentral

MediaCentral accelerates your workflow, scaling from the simplest to the most sophisticated solutions for post production, news, sports, and asset management.

With over 20 years at Avid, I am amazed by our customers, their work, and their journeys, as they continually evolve to embrace significant industry and viewing audience transformation. As Senior Marketing Manager for Broadcast & Media, I’ll be sharing here just how we are focused on bringing solutions to market that address broadcasters’ needs.