Seven Year Old Auteur Shows Ed Asner What’s Up!

My name is Bailey. I am seven years old and I am in second grade. I am also in Girl Scouts. In my opinion, I think I’m pretty darn good at directing and editing things.

I’ve always liked a lot of different movies. Some of my favorite movies are Amelie, The Quiet Man, Sing Street, School of Rock, Mary Poppins, A Hard Day’s Night, Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy, The Bowery Boys, Abbott and Costello, Popeye cartoons and much more. My favorite kinds of movies are comedies. My name is Bailey because I am named after George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life.

My dad is a producer and editor so most of the time I am in edit bays when I visit his office. My dad is very good at editing and he has shown me how to make movies. We have made short documentaries about movie locations.

I’ve met some movie stars at celebrity conventions. One of my favorite memories was meeting Dick Van Dyke. Sometimes we dress up for pictures with the movie stars to make it look like we were in those movies. I’ve met actors from Alien, Jaws and Tim Curry from Annie.

The Alien cast: Yaphet Kotto, my dad, me, Veronica Cartwright, and Tom Skerritt

The Jaws cast: Richard Dreyfuss, me, and dad

The Annie cast: my dad, me, Tim Curry and Aileen Quinn

Now I want to talk about the movie I made recently.

At my school there is something called PTA Reflections. PTA Reflections celebrates the arts. For PTA Reflections, the school asks you to do a dance, draw a picture, make movies and stuff like that. Last year I won first place for making a movie. This year’s theme is “Within Reach” so that’s what I called my new movie.

The movie is about a girl who tries to get a Teddy bear off of a roof. She tries different ways to get it off the roof then she comes up with using balloons to fly herself, just like in UP and in The Red Balloon. Then she goes too high. While she is in the sky, she sees Girl Scouts and then she sees the actor Ed Asner from the movie UP.

I wrote the script myself. My dad showed me a script format but I came up with the ideas and dialogue myself. From watching people like Charlie Chaplin and Jerry Lewis I learned how to make it a comedy but still have it be logical because that makes it funnier. I know about something in comedy called the Theory of Threes, when you build a joke in three steps.

Bailey directs the Girl Scouts of Los Angeles Troop 4491.

In the movie I was flying too high. In the script I had to come up with a way to get down. I came up with using a flying crow’s beak to pop the balloons. In real life when I tried to use the beak, it wasn’t sharp enough so I taped a toothpick to it!

To make the movie I had to buy and make props. I bought lots of bananas and I made a doll into my stunt double. The doll had to be floating with balloons but it was too heavy so we cut her legs off!!!

When I was writing the script, I thought it would be cool to have Ed Asner from UP in my movie. The only problem was I didn’t know Ed Asner personally. The theme was “Within Reach” so I knew I had to try. My dad found somebody from his family on Facebook and we sent him my idea and told him I was seven. I felt happy when Ed Asner said that he could be in my movie. He’s very famous and I’m only seven.

I had him say a line about my character having spunk because that was a famous line from The Mary Moore Show. I saw that on YouTube.

When I was done filming the movie, I recorded sound effects. I used a slide whistle which is a good comedy sound. For the sound of pee I filled a popcorn box with water and poured it into the toilet.

I edited it on Media Composer | First. It was very professional like my dad’s. I learned different things in editing like in point, out point and overwrite. It was hard to learn editing but I figured it out. It took a while to edit because it’s a pretty long movie. I usually decide to end the shot when people are done talking.

I liked putting in sound effects to make the comedy funnier. I made the titles on the Avid and put a shadow under the letters to make it look like you are looking up. There is a part where I go in my room and look at different posters of people flying. But most of those posters are not actually in my room. But with editing it makes it look like I’m looking at those posters. The magic of editing!!!

The Media Composer | First timeline of 'Within Reach'

Editing is like a puzzle but I make up the pieces. The pieces are the shots and editing them together makes the puzzle solved.

When I grow up I want to be a producer, editor and comedian actress. There aren’t enough girl directors! Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you like my movie. Have a great day.

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