Sibelius 8.0.1 Now Available With Over 100 Improvements

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I’m pleased to announce the release of Sibelius v8.0.1. This is available to all users of the latest version of Sibelius and can be obtained in a few ways:

Open Sibelius and go to File > Help  > Check for Updates to open Application Manager. However, by now, a notification from Avid Application Manager may have popped up already with a message about 8.0.1. Tapping on this will open the Apps page of Application Manager showing you an ‘Install’ option to click on. Clicking on this will start the download and take you through updating Sibelius. When doing this, make sure you are not running Sibelius to allow the update to go through smoothly.

If you ever need to download the latest version independently of Application Manager, for a new machine for example, you can always find the latest links to download Sibelius from within your Avid Master Account. To access this, simply go to

What’s new in 8.0.1

We’ve packed in over 100 improvements to this update as well as new mult-iseat annual subscription offerings for schools. Here’s a summary of what you can expect to see:


Fully localised editions of our What’s New, Tutorials and Reference guides


The mouse cursor now changes to a Pen icon when entering Annotate mode


Sibelius now creates a new object next to the selected item in the score


It’s easier to delete notes and other objects with a pen, especially in Note input mode


The Lucida Grand font is now used throughout Sibelius on Mac once more, resolving many small UI issues


Mouse pointers on Windows now appear normal size again on displays with Hi-DPI support


Quick Look now functions once again on Mac OS


Many small improvements to the Keypad graphics


Better support for the Norfolk font family, allowing you to start using the font with minimal setup


The Transport window has had some UI improvements


Stability improvements for Sibelius on Mac OS Yosemite when connecting to the Sibelius License Server


Changes to the way manuscript papers appear in the Quick Start on Windows


Sibelius will no longer crash when using Annotate and switching between scores and parts


It’s now possible to export Sibelius 7.5 files by just using keyboard commands


Lasso or Marquee select now works once more for both Pen and Mouse


Short, quick gestures on Windows are no longer interpreted as ‘flicks’


Annotation lines are now thicker by default, allowing you to be more expressive when using Annotate


The Sibelius installer on Windows no longer fails with error 1720 when copying supporting files


Rewire improvements


Streamlined updating process on Windows


Sibelius will no longer crash on Windows when closing a score after editing music containing a tab stave


New algorithm for drawing annotation lines so they now appear smoother and are more efficient when drawn


Multi-touch features are consistent now where on touch screens single finger drags and two fingers zoom. On track pads two fingers drag and zoom. Multi-touch features are also available during Note input and Annotate too


Pinch-zoom now zooms in and out of the area you are pinching on touch screens, or on track pads, to where the mouse cursor is on the screen

It’s important to note that Sibelius is not yet fully qualified on Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11). We’ve worked hard on improving the experience of Sibelius on Apple’s next operating system but there are still issues that mean we don’t recommend you upgrading to Mac OS X 10.11 yet. We’ll announce further news on compatibility and support for El Capitan in due course.

If you already own the latest version of Sibelius, head over to your Avid Master Account or open Avid Application Manager to get started. If you haven’t upgraded yet, you can do so by purchasing Sibelius from your local Reseller or from the Avid Store.

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