Sibelius Premium Cloud Storage Plans Now Available

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I’m happy to share that you’ll now be able to expand your Sibelius | Cloud Sharing capabilities with Avid Premium Cloud Plans to add further storage to share files online with Sibelius.

With any Sibelius subscription or current software update plan, you already get the ability to share music online, directly from within Sibelius—1GB of free cloud storage (20 scores with Sibelius | First). However, if you need more space, you can now buy an Avid Premium Cloud Plan that will unlock more online storage. Note that these plans can be used across both Sibelius and Pro Tools (for Cloud Collaboration).

The majority of Sibelius users will likely only need the Standard Cloud Plan or the Artist Cloud plan levels. The Producer and Studio Cloud Plans are aimed at Pro Tools users who are collaborating with large files and need much greater capacity.


Standard Cloud plan

Artist Cloud plan

Producer Cloud plan

Studio Cloud plan







1 GB

10 GB

30 GB

80 GB


Number of scores

Sibelius | First

Number of scores


To see how far you are through your online storage, we’ve added a new side-bar to the Sibelius Cloud Sharing dashboard, which you can access from within Sibelius by going to Home > Cloud Sharing > Dashboard:

On the left, you see the name of the Cloud Plan, the number of scores that you have shared, and the percentage of your storage that these scores are currently using. Below this is an Upgrade button that takes you off to your account where you can buy one of the Cloud Plans should you need it.

The Cloud Plans are applied to your account, so if you have more than one license of Sibelius, the storage is shared across all these copies. Remember that the Cloud Plan also applies to Pro Tools, and not just Sibelius. So if you own Pro Tools as well, you’ll find that you get more storage and other cloud-based features when using Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration.

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