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Sibelius users, did you know that you can publish and sell the sheet music you have worked so hard to create with SMP Press from Sheet Music Plus? SMP Press is a digital self-publishing platform that allows composers and arrangers to sell their music on  As a Sibelius user, you are already creating compositions and arrangements with high-quality engraving and with SMP Press, you can put your music to work for you! In this post you will learn about the advantages to joining SMP Press and how to export your Sibelius files to PDFs and MP3s, which are the file formats compatible with SMP Press.

SMP Press is free to join and there are no annual fees. You earn a 45% commission on sales of all original compositions and public domain arrangements! Your sheet music will have worldwide exposure to 3 million monthly visitors from over 200 countries. SMP Press is non-exclusive and you maintain all rights to your original compositions and public domain arrangements, meaning you are welcome to sell your music on your own personal website or through other publishers or on other platforms. There’s nothing to lose! Dust off those sheet music files taking up hard drive space and upload them to SMP Press today.

As an SMP Press member, you also have exclusive access to our groundbreaking program, ArrangeMe. ArrangeMe allows you to legally arrange over 1900 copyrighted songs and sell them exclusively on Sheet Music Plus! There are no fees to participate in the program and Sheet Music Plus handles payments to copyright holders on your behalf so you have more time to create. The song list includes music by current pop artists, Broadway favorites and even video game music. View the full list here. 

It is very easy to upload your music. All you need is a PDF, which is very easy to export from the Sibelius program. Take a look at our instructional video below.

You can also upload sound clips to accompany your product. No professional recording? No problem! We encourage you to export your Sibelius sound files as mp3s and use them to provide an audio clip for your product. Customers like to be able to listen to music before they purchase it. Sheet music with an audio sample sells much better than no audio sample, even if the recording is computer-generated. Here’s how you can export to mp3 with Sibelius:

Since you use Sibelius, you clearly have a need to create sheet music, whether you’re a student completing an assignment, a teacher who needs to rewrite a part, or a professional composer. We have found that if you have a need to create music, then someone will have a need to play it. That’s why the mission of Sheet Music Plus and SMP Press is to make the world’s music playable. Even though we have the world’s largest selection of sheet music, with over 1,000,000 titles in our online catalog, everyday customers request sheet music we simply don’t have. We would love for you to join our community of independent music creators.

What current SMP Press Members are saying:

“I’ve always dreamed of composing and arranging for a living (as opposed to just a hobby or sideline) and now my dream is coming true!”

John Dempsey; Inez, KY

“Joining SMP Press was one of the most significant and beneficial decisions I’ve made in my musical career.”

Jim Colman; Adrian, MI

“There’s no risk and SMP is terrific to work with.”

Phyllis Avidan Louke; Portland, OR

“I have been impressed with the sales and even with SMP’s percentage taken out I have done at least as well financially as I did with my own web site…and have been having good growth as well.”

John Gibson; Vancouver, WA

“I love the fact that my works are available to sell around the world and that they will sell with little marketing effort on my part.”

Samuel Stokes; Natchitoches, LA

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Jacy Burroughs is the Program Marketing Manager at Sheet Music Plus and an avid (French) horn player in the California Bay Area. She has degrees in music performance from University of the Pacific and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. When she was 15, Jacy received a brand new horn in the mail, sent to her anonymously. To this day, she has no idea who her mysterious benefactor was but it was this serendipitous gift that launched her dreams to pursue a life full of music. The highlight of Jacy’s career is working with members of SMP Press who are also following their musical passion.