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In a world of higher viewer expectations, and lower operational budgets, the roles of production staff are evolving. They are becoming much more hands-on with media, not just in creating content, but in packaging it for viewing on many different distribution channels. Smart template creation, coupled with Avid’s efficient and integrated end-to-end graphics workflow, is making this possible.

For many years graphics in news and other live TV productions have been addressed by broadcasters in two different ways. Larger broadcasters typically focus on the ‘what’, always looking to differentiate themselves from the competition – to look better, to impress audiences, to innovate and make people talk about them, caring less about the budget or operational expenses. Smaller broadcasters, on the other hand, are more concerned about the ‘how’. Working to a tight budget, they are always open to improving their overall on-air look, but not if that means big investments or increasing operational costs.

These two polarized approaches are converging to create the perfect storm for news producers and broadcasters. They are facing more competition than ever before for viewers’ attention, not only from traditional newscasters but also from new media. They also need to deliver content to many new channels within existing and often limited budgets. It’s a challenging situation.

On-air graphics still need to be exciting, eye catching, data-rich and reliable, without adding any operational complexity or incurring extra cost. The only way to achieve this is by creating integrated and efficient workflows that allow journalists and producers to deliver their content without having to worry about how the graphical elements of a story will be displayed.

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Avid’s Maestro broadcast graphics suite provides all the tools necessary to create smart templates for any kind of graphics, including on-air, mobile, Virtual Studio, Augmented Reality, interactive – even high resolution video walls. Irrespective of the graphics output, the creative process remains intuitive and consistent. This is in stark contrast to traditional approaches, where the on-screen graphics workflow was different to the Virtual Studio workflow, which in turn was different to the video wall workflow and so on. With Maestro, all these workflows are unified.

Smart templates enable journalists and producers to focus on the content that they need to bring their stories to life. By following a common workflow for all kinds of different graphics treatments, they don’t need to worry about how the graphics will look when aired, or even about the mobile viewing device. That’s all taken care of.

Usability is important for the journalist, but just as important for the broadcaster is deployment. As with all of Avid’s broadcast graphics solutions, Maestro is designed to provide maximum flexibility. It can combine on-premise deployment with virtualized, cloud-based services to address the requirements of any news or sports production, from a small local operator to a multi-station network, wherever they are in the world.

Maestro can work with virtually any current newsroom, editing and studio automation, but the end-to-end workflow achieved when integrated into an Avid production environment offers many more functional advantages. It is fully integrated with MediaCentral | UX, a cloud-based, web front-end to the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Journalists can connect from the field using a laptop or mobile device, making it easier to create, collaborate, manage, and deliver a wider range of content faster.

Using the Maestro graphics suite, broadcasters can create impressive graphics and visual effects, in an array of different ways, by using their existing editorial resources more efficiently and taking advantage of operational cost savings too.

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Avid Maestro

Maestro is a fully modular graphics solution that enables you to adapt it to your specific broadcast needs and workflow.


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