SNL Pro Leads the Indian Market With the Next Generation of Mixing Consoles

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Sound and Light Professionals (SNL Pro) has become the first rental company in Asia to add Avid’s VENUE | S6L console to its inventory, investing in two units. The purchase was made as the rental company looks to future-proof its sound reinforcement offerings and cater toward live events of any size and scale. It was facilitated by Ansata Computer Systems, Avid’s distribution partner in India. The manufacturer describes the S6L as a comprehensive live mixing system.


“Technology is a key part of our industry, and I believe this is one aspect that can really get you to be future-ready, which will ensure that you always stay a few steps ahead of the rest,” explained Manish Mavani, director of SNL Pro. “This is why our purchase decisions have always been focused on technologies that are radical and ahead of their time. If you look at our loudspeaker rigs, we’ve always purchased world-class brands whose product lines were revolutionary.”

When it came to purchasing new consoles, it was this mindset that led Mr. Mavani to Avid.

“One can’t deny that Avid has always come out with great technology in their products – especially the VENUE series of consoles. With festivals across the country all demanding monitor and front-of-house mixes, it was time for a plan to eliminate the passive splitter and use the gain tracking that was on offer with the S6L. We have used consoles from other manufacturers in the past but were not satisfied with the features they delivered. But with the S6L, that’s another story altogether.”

—Mr. Manish Mavani, Director of SNL Pro

“The gain tracking features are mind-blowing, and with the amount of DSP the console comes with, you know it’s absolutely future-ready,” Mr. Mavani continued. “The large number of inputs on one console is an amazing bonus, and the fact that the console comes with software that we’re all familiar with makes it an absolute breeze to navigate around.”

“With the purchase of two full-blown Avid VENUE | S6L systems, SNL Pro is poised to set a new benchmark in the live sound rental market in India,” said Leslie Lean from Ansata. “This purchase will help Manish and his team meet the challenges of the most demanding live sound productions and deliver the best possible sound quality while enjoying the familiar VENUE workflows with total show file compatibility.”

“Our relationship with Ansata goes way back, and with the prompt service that we have always experienced, it was a no-brainer for us to know that we were doing business with the right company and the right people,” added Mr. Mavani. “The presales and sales experience and the training support that Ansata provided were absolutely amazing. The sessions at the warehouse and on site were extremely educational, which assured the engineers of all of the board’s new features. And credit goes to Neil and Mahesh of team Ansata. I think it’s absolutely important for a brand to be represented by good people who are passionate, and I think Ansata has been exactly that for Avid.”


A special thank you to Simon Luckhurst from ProAudio Asia who conducted the interview.

VENUE | S6L Now Available

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