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Sonnox and Avid have been working together since the dawn of Plug-In time; the inaugural Sony Oxford EQ and Dynamics Plug-Ins being direct ports of the acclaimed sections from Sony’s OXFR3 digital console.

After an MBO in 2007 Sonnox was born and more products followed, leading to the 15 we now have. The team has remained small, focused and fanatical about building the very best possible; from recording and mixing staples for controlling tone and dynamic range to Plug-Ins that focus on simplifying universally time-consuming and creativity-sapping problems.

Whatever the application, whether live or recorded, and wherever they’re used, music or post-production, our customers tell us that it’s the hallmark clarity, transparency and precision that sets Sonnox apart.

The Plug-In market is saturated (no pun intended!) with stuff that emulates the qualities of classic analogue gear; warmth, colour, character and distortion. These are fantastic attributes when you need them, but you’ll likely not need them all the time. A wide and varied sonic palette, that we’re told best serves creation of music and sound, provides both clarity and distortion.

We’ve been committed to supporting students and educators from Avid Learning Partners (ALP’s) since the beginning; not only through the offer of a 50% discount across the piece, but also through a multi-seat bundle license called the ALP NFR Programme. This allows ALP’s to install almost all our products throughout their in-house DAW’s for as little as $200 per year. Software updates and access to new products are included in the deal. In addition, students can take advantage of a unique rent to own subscription to our bestselling Native Elite bundle for students.

The Elite bundle is one of the most successful Sonnox bundles. It includes 7 Oxford Plug-Ins suitable for almost any form of audio production (EQ, Dynamics, Inflator, TransMod, Reverb, Limiter and SuprEsser) and inspired the creation of an exclusive ALP training course called Sonnox Elite Certification (SO110).

This course is designed to provide both an introduction to and detailed overview of the Elite products. It not only teaches how to use the Oxford Elite products but also a more general understanding of reverbs, EQs, compressors, etc and where best to apply them in your productions.

The SO110 is the perfect companion to basic Pro Tools courses like the PT101 and the PT110, but is also relevant to more advanced users who might want to explore tips and tricks not mentioned in the product manuals. Instructor certification takes only two days of online training.

Why might the knowledge that the course delivers be useful? Sonnox stuff is widely used and at the highest levels:

We’re honoured that some of the world’s most successful audio professionals are amongst our customers; they’ve helped to make 8 of the top 10 selling records this century and countless of your favourite movies, TV shows, live performances and games. They’ve also won, or have been nominated for, every major international audio award out there. And so have helped to shape their respective industries and enrich all our lives in the process.

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Josep M. Solà works for Sonnox since 2007. He is in charge of the Sonnox SO110 Certification worldwide, providing instructor training to ALP’s