Powering Greater Creators at IBC

While IBC is abuzz with industry talent, we have some news to share from home: Avid’s style is getting a tune-up.

It takes panache to lead the pack in today’s hustle-bustle world of media production. That’s why we at Avid have been working on a fresh, modern, bold new way to share who we are with the rest of the world as we move into the next era of audio, video, and broadcast entertainment.

Our new look and feel gets to the heart of our mission to equip creators like you with the technology and tools needed to entertain, inform, educate, and enlighten the world.

Still the same Avid—just refreshed. You may spot some subtle changes in the coming months while we keep improving the solutions you need to get things done.

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Meanwhile, the show must go on! Stand 7.B55 is bustling away at IBC, and if you haven’t grabbed a spot at one of our many training sessions you can still do so here.


Powerful publishing is on the horizon

Avid is making waves with some instrumental solutions and updates just announced at IBC. We’re excited about our new SaaS offering MediaCentral | Publisher, which is powered by Wildmoka and helps improve efficiency across the board.

This robust solution enables media producers to create content, add graphics and branding, and publish videos quickly to multiple social media and digital end points. That means increased revenue and boosted viewership to broaden your reach—all so you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Media Central | Publisher powered by Wildmoka

We’re previewing upcoming features for post-production professionals too, including new support for higher video resolutions and frame rates. For all of you music makers out there, Pro Tools 2019 is in the midst of its European debut at IBC with an update that allows teams to work faster and more creatively on the most complex projects without missing a beat (or a high note).

There’s a lot more to come from IBC 2019! Check back for announcements and follow us on social media to stay on top of everything we’re working on.


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New Horizons in Powering Real-time Graphics Production

Seeing is believing. That’s why great storytellers know the most impactful way to engage their audiences is with stunning graphics. They provide the visual reinforcement vital to capturing and captivating a viewer’s attention. Stunning images in virtual settings, augmented reality elements, on-air graphics and more require broadcasters to stay ahead of the technology. Workflows for tomorrow, need to be future-proofed today.

The new Avid Maestro | Engine is Avid’s next gen scalable graphics and video rendering platform created with future technologies in mind. It turbocharges your production workflow with real-time rendering for broadcast graphics, virtual studios, augmented reality, squeezebacks & data-driven graphics, and video wall content.


Future-proof your graphics production

Maestro | Engine was designed to grow with you as your technologies and workflows evolve. Currently, the Maestro | Engine platform supports SD, HD, and UHD formats, with HDR capabilities coming soon. Field changeable interface boards enables migration from SDI to IP, whenever you’re ready. Integration into your current workflows is simple because Maestro | Engine offers backwards compatibility for your existing content. Built for today’s and tomorrow’s broadcast needs, Maestro | Engine ensures a high return on your investment.


Create with unparalleled realism

Avid is pioneering a new generation of photo-realist virtual environments with Maestro | Engine 4K. Working with Epic’s Unreal Engine, it elevates your virtual set productions to truly cinematic levels. All virtual studio elements are rendered using Unreal Engine, while simultaneously overlaying data-driven augmented reality graphics with Maestro | RenderEngine. The result is virtual environments with astonishing levels of realism, depth and detail.

Produce stunning content in all resolutions

Maestro | Engine provides advanced graphics rendering in the highest possible quality SD, HD and UHD formats. Working with Maestro | RenderEngine software, content can be driven to multiple canvases, scale content up or down, and crop it to preview large scale video walls with a single feed.


Integrate video playback into your graphic presentations

Empower your design teams to create background elements or textures mapped onto scene objects by adding video clips. Maestro | Engine can play back video on its local drive, Avid NEXIS, or other storage devices. This empowers your team to quickly turnaround video elements and incorporate them into graphics enhancements.

Scale for your needs

Two hardware configurations make Maestro | Engine scalable for any production need. With up to eight video insertions and up to four outputs, including fill and key, Maestro | Engine handles most standard CG needs and dual channel productions. For higher resolution demands, Maestro | Engine 4K offers up to 16 video insertions and up to eight outputs. For UHD production, four fill and four key outputs are available.


Manage your graphics from anywhere, with any device

A web-based interface for all systems management enables your team to manage and configure settings from any computer or device on your network, from anywhere with internet access. Make changes to user access rights, video formats, genlock sources, input and output mapping, and other settings right from your desktop in the studio, or your tablet in the field.


Protect your productions

Reliable workflows are crucial for 24/7 enterprises. Maestro | Engine features dual power supplies, dual network interfaces, and software and hardware watchdogs to ensure your production is not interrupted by any systems going offline. You can even create your own live back-up to on-air systems using the Maestro graphics suite application to control multiple Maestro | Engines.

As the pace of production accelerates, the need for real-time graphic support is becoming the rule, not the exception. Avid Maestro | Engine and Maestro | Engine 4K answers that need with real-time production and performance, scaled specifically for your workflow to grow for the future.

Maestro Graphics

Make your broadcast come alive with graphics that explain, enhance, and enliven your content. The Maestro graphics suite helps broadcasters strengthen their brand with stunning 2D and 3D graphics. 

Create Without Limits with Avid Maestro | Designer

Seeing is believing. Visual reinforcement is the most persuasive tool to connect with viewers. Storytellers use compelling images and powerful graphic embellishments to communicate their message with impact. Of course, graphics tools can take many forms; from on-air motion graphics, channel branding and sports enhancements, to designing immersive video walls and interactive virtual shows. This wide array of production flourishes can result in workflow silos requiring cumbersome work-arounds.

Avid unifies these often disparate processes with Maestro | Designer, the central component of a state-of-the-art graphics ecosystem that integrates directly into your overall media workflow. Coupled with RenderEngine 7, Maestro | Designer enables your team to create stunning 2D and 3D content in up to 16K resolution that captivates viewers and reinforces your brand.

Let’s look at just some of the ways Maestro | Designer can help differentiate your productions from competitors:

• Create 2D/3D motion graphics in real time that maximize brand showcasing on the set or in the field

• Get content on the air quickly with graphics that update automatically for weather coverage, sports scores, election results, and stock prices

• Save time and resources by leveraging your existing graphics tools by eliminating the need for pre-rendering content, scripting, or programming

• Maximize workflow efficiency with a simple, intuitive UI that can be used anywhere on any device

Avid is also ensuring Maestro | Designer remains at the cutting edge of graphics authoring software applications. Our most recent update, Maestro | Designer is endowed with powerful new features for improved capabilities and performance.


Integrate designers into your MediaCentral workflow

Further integration into the Avid MediaCentral platform empowers your designers with even easier access to robust media search, browse, and preview capabilities. The Maestro | Designer interface is now integrated into the MediaCentral | Cloud UX panel, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between apps. The RenderEngine preview window enables your team to drag and drop media directly to the object tree. Even your journalists benefit by using MediaCentral | Cloud UX to easily insert assets into Maestro templates from the field.


Enable back-to-back playback

Now you can get your content on the air and online even faster, with the new Maestro | Designer playback engine. It can play a variety of video content back-to-back and features a dedicated Audio Mixer application. The new playback capabilities also include start time scheduling, audio mapping, reversing clips, and changing speed.


Create vivid color gradients

Maestro | Designer’s new gradient slider tool makes it easier than ever to create multicolor gradients. An unlimited number of color stop points make the effect look more harmonious and natural, without having to rely on third-party graphics tools.

If visuals are the most important part of the storyteller’s tool box, then graphics are often the most descriptive tool. With the demand for media content escalating rapidly, integrating graphic production and delivery into your overall media workflow has never been more necessary. Avid Maestro | Designer not only empowers your designers to create without limits, but also accelerates how and when those graphics are utilized.

Avid Maestro | Designer

Captivate audiences with stunning real-time 2D and 3D graphics for news, sports shows, elections, weather segments, and other types of broadcast production.

Boost Your Production Efficiency Further with Maestro | News

From newscasts to sports programming, the graphic needs of today’s broadcasters are complex. Maestro | News offers a complete on-air graphics suite that enables you to easily create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, real-time 3D graphics and video. Thanks to its modular architecture, you can customize Maestro | News for a wide variety of environments and integrate it seamlessly with solutions across the Avid MediaCentral platform.

With each new release, Maestro | News offers you even more capabilities and workflow improvements to boost your production efficiency and possibilities further. In this blog we will highlight some of these capabilities.


Rundown creation

Maestro | News offers intuitive rundown creation capabilities with user-friendly functionalities that increase efficiency substantially.

In this short video we will present Maestro| News’ playout layout, demonstrate how to create a rundown and offer a few different examples of playout logic.

Customizable layouts

Maestro | News enables your team to customize their layouts according to the production’s specific needs. Each layout has its own unique functionality and enables the work process to be more intuitive and user friendly. In addition to the existing layouts, you can also create your own customized layouts.

The clip below presents three such layouts: Page Editor, Playout and Default

Connection to data sources

One of Maestro | News’ many advantages is its ability to extract content from different types of data sources, including external databases, RSS feeds, and social media. Using Maestro | News, intelligence can be added to the content’s behavior enabling it to play automatically according to pre-defined context.

In this clip, we will present how easy it is to connect a data source to Maestro | News.

Maestro | News integration with MediaCentral | Command

In this video clip, we will present how Maestro | News’ improved integration with MediaCentral | Newsroom Management and MediaCentral | Command provides a significant increase in production efficiency. With this integration, production can easily control video and graphic items that were created in a MediaCentral | Newsroom Management rundown from the MediaCentral | Command production automation application.

Maestro | News Exposer functionality

Maestro | News enables you to gain even greater efficiency with its new exposer functionality. Maestro | News Exposer functionality enables you to see the information that was stored in one graphic scene and reuse it in a completely different graphic scene or template.

Ideal for content rich productions that need to be up to the second accurate at all times, multiple Maestro | News workstations can retrieve and reuse the same results for different graphic looks – enabling the entire production to gain greater efficiency.

Please check out our other videos that present Avid’s Maestro | News capabilities. For more information please go to: avid.com/maestro-news

Maestro | News

Maestro | News is a universal controller for video and graphics that enables you to create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, high-resolution 3D graphics and videos easily.

Avid Wins 2018 Panorama Awards with Maestro | Designer and Media Composer | First

At this year’s BIT Audiovisual 2018, Avid was presented with two Panorama post production awards; best graphics creation award for Maestro | Designer and best editing award for Media Composer | First.

Maestro | Designer graphics authoring software is the foundation of all Avid real-time graphics systems. It provides graphic designers with the tools to easily and efficiently create eye-catching on-air graphics, animation, and virtual sets and is used by hundreds of broadcasters worldwide.

“Winning the graphic creation prize is a huge honor,” said Avid Senior Manager for Solution Marketing and Product Management, Daliah Naor. Though no stranger to winning awards, the Panorama Award helps affirm Maestro | Designer’s position as one of the top graphic authoring tools in the industry.

Maestro | Designer

Media Composer | First is streamlined, yet powerful video editing solution that provides many of the same tools top filmmakers, directors, and editors use—for free. With Media Composer | First you get everything you need to create and tell great stories, from first frame to final delivery. Whether you’re new to editing, or new to Avid, Media Composer | First accelerates the editing process, enabling you to create your best possible stories, with the easiest entry to the movie and television industry standard, Avid Media Composer.

Media Composer | First

The Panorama Awards recognize excellence, technological development and innovation of companies, professionals and productions in television, film, radio and advertising. Readers of Audiovisual Panorama voted online for their top five nominees. A jury composed of eleven independent professionals selected the winners by secret ballot.


From left to right: Sergio Cardenas, David Martínez, Tomas Nielsen, Pep Agullo, Ana Escauriaza

Avid Maestro | Designer

Captivate audiences with stunning real-time 2D and 3D graphics for news, sports shows, elections, weather segments, and other types of broadcast production.

Meet Media Composer | First

Learning Media Composer | First can open the door to a career in media and entertainment. Make a name for yourself starting now… Use the tools the pros use—for FREE.

State-of-the-Art, Real-Time Broadcast Graphics Creation with Avid Maestro | Designer

With the increasing influx of new shows and media competing for viewers, finding and growing an audience has become much more of a challenge. If your show lacks the finesse and polish of your competitors, viewers will simply change the channel. Therefore, your production’s visual narrative should be just as impactful as the stories you tell.

Maestro | Designer, Avid’s real-time graphics authoring software gives you all the tools you need to create eye-catching on-air graphics, animation, and virtual sets to stay ahead of the competition.

Below are some of the many features now available:


Speed up review and approvals with Render to File

With new improvements and advancements made to Maestro | Designer, creating and sending previews of the content for which you seek editorial approval has never been easier. You can now send scene content directly to RenderEngine’s internal VideoEngine—locally or remotely—to render a clip or sequence of images displaying the scene content. This eliminates the added steps of having to externally capture content or use other tools to render files.

Render to file supports variety of broadcast formats, including DNxHD, MPEG2, XDCAM or Image sequence

Gain more creative flexibility with new geometry modifiers

With the new advanced Geometry modifiers, you can now easily customize base objects right in Maestro | Designer, enabling you to create new elements and designs without the need for third-party modeling tools.

Now along with Bend, Skew, Explode and other cool geometry modifiers, you can use the Melt Modifier to add a melt effect on a specified object.

Visualize heat map data

Heatmap textures is a special texture which represents different data points inside an image. It can be used to identify the frequency of events occurring in a particular area, to illustrate a player’s presence in different parts of the pitch, to indicate a change in temperature, and so on.

Now you can visualize heat map data as a 2D texture natively in Maestro | Designer—no plug-in required.

Multi-Color Point Gradient

Lastly, here is a sneak peak of one of the new features coming out this June in the next version of Maestro | Designer: multi-color point gradient.

Until today, gradients were limited to three colors. In the next version of Maestro | Designer, the Gradient texture will be expanded to support unlimited colors, using the gradient slider tool.

Its new UI will allow you to create beautiful gradient designs, quickly and easily within Maestro| Designer so that you no longer need to switch to different 3rd party applications to create multi-color gradients.

Avid Maestro | Designer

Captivate audiences with stunning real-time 2D and 3D graphics for news, sports shows, elections, weather segments, and other types of broadcast production.

Get in the Game with Maestro | Live at NAB 2018

With sports increasingly becoming the most widely viewed and lucrative type of “appointment viewing,” production value has never been more essential. Beyond the event itself, viewers expect instant analysis and context for the action on the pitch, court, field or rink. Graphics are the most important tool in the storytelling toolbox to enhance live sports production.

The challenge is how to get vivid, descriptive graphics to air, and online, quickly and cleanly. The solution is Avid Maestro | Live, the only all-in-one broadcast and video control system for live sports production. Now you can give your viewers an unforgettable experience with action-based, data-driven graphics, sports enhancements and video playout capabilities.

Here’s how Maestro | Live can significantly enhance your live sports productions in the studio or in the field.

Take your live sports productions to the next level

Engage your viewers with 3D graphics and tracked-to-the-field sports enhancements. Maestro | Live features a sports-dedicated chroma key that distinguishes between different lighting conditions on the field, bringing life to displays like first down lines, player tracking, and virtual ads.

Seamlessly integrate data-driven graphics

Instant, data-driven analysis is a big part of compelling sports coverage. Sports data feeds and scoreboard protocols easily connect to Maestro | Live to auto-populate and update information in your graphics templates. Pull-up starting lineups, player stats & pictures, and team standings on-the-fly. You can even improve and enhance your data displays by manually entering and editing your templates.


Present content across multiple platforms

Social media and digital platforms need to be integrated into the overall production workflow. Maestro | Live gives you the flexibility to present content the way you want, with up to 16 output channels available. For instance, you can send your main feed to air, a different graphics layer to your digital media, and an animated background across your studio’s video walls, all at the same time, through the same UI.

Work smarter with intuitive and flexible UI

Maestro | Live comes with a ready-to-use interface designed for major sports, but with the flexibility to modify the interface or create a new one to cover any sport. No scripting, no programming required. Create your own custom UI for any type of sport or production with drag-and-drop editing.


Control video playout and graphics with just one operator

Maestro | Live is the all-in-one solution that brings more power to your productions, while simplifying your workflow. One operator can now manage a powerful graphics system and a high-performance video server at the same time. No extra equipment or dedicated video playback operator simplifies and accelerates your workflow cost effectively.

The smartest play in live sports

Avid Maestro | Live is the game-changer that can help your sports productions stand-out from the competition. Action-based, data-driven UHD graphics that differentiate your coverage and bring meaningful content to life by engaging and informing your audience.

To see how Avid Maestro | Live can bring new possibilities to your productions, please come and see our demonstration at Upper South Hall – Booth SU801 (located next to the hall entrance).

Maestro | Live

Maestro | Live makes live sports production easy with an all-in-one, data-driven UHD graphics, augmented reality, and video playout solution that boosts efficiency like never before.

The Graphics Solution Designed Specifically for News and Sports: Maestro | News at NAB 2018

The pace of news coverage is rapidly accelerating. Consumers are demanding more from their news providers: more coverage with more accuracy, on more platforms. And they don’t want to wait. News organizations live in the “now,” instantly turning-around breaking news in a constant 24-7 churn.

Clearly articulating and evolving the big story through multiple deadlines requires a support workflow that is quick and fluid. Graphic enhancements need to be created and available for producers and reporters, on-the-fly. With no time to wait for rendering, or asset transfers, the fastest way to get graphics on the air and online is with Avid Maestro | News.

Create, manage, distribute and play-out stunning, real-time 3D graphics with the industry’s only complete on-air graphics suite. Maestro | News can be customized for a variety of environments and seamlessly integrates with the Avid MediaCentral Platform, as well as third-party news and editing applications. Now, with the latest release, you get even more capabilities and workflows to boost your production efficiency.


The all-in-one graphics workflow solution

With Maestro | News you can:

• Take control of your entire production – From on air and interactive graphics, to virtual studio display and high res video wall content, Maestro | News provides everything you need for a full end to end graphics production.

• Gain ultimate workflow efficiency – Maestro | News integrates with MediaCentral and other newsroom and editing systems to simplify and speed up production workflows.

• Bring your content to air faster – As a robust content playout device, Maestro | News lets you significantly speed up video turnaround so you can be first to air

• Get the rendering power you need, with support for multiple live feeds and automation while maintaining reliability and security

The newest release of Maestro | News introduces improved integration with Avid and 3rd party production tools, as well as range of new features:


Build your stories from your web browser without additional installations

Avid’s Maestro | News now delivers new HTML5 based newsroom plugins that allow your journalists and editorial staff to build stories, preview content and add graphics elements to stories directly from a web browser – without any additional installation on their workstation. The HTML5 plugin supports all newsroom systems that use the HTML5 MOS plugin specification – including MediaCentral | Newsroom.


Find your stories faster

In the race to get breaking news on-air and online, Maestro | News helps you search through large rundowns quickly and efficiently. The new Simple Search feature locates stories using different keywords or phrases as you type to filter in your rundown. The search isn’t just limited to story slugs, but also applies to content inside of any story item.


Control your clip playback

Controlling clip playback in conjunction with graphics is an essential part of the production workflow, as it requires perfect synchronization between graphics and clip content. This next version of Maestro | News enables you to easily get access to Avid’s new clip playback engine from the new template controls available for each Maestro | News page. Supporting broadcast industry standards including DNxHD, XAVC, H264 and XDCAM, the clip engine easily combines graphics and clip content on the graphics platform to offer simple control over clip playback during production

As news viewers grow more sophisticated, the need to create news content with more value is becoming an editorial priority. Eye-catching, easy-to-understand graphics are no longer just complimentary embellishments to your coverage, they are now an important differentiator for your storytellers, helping to define your brand. Maestro | News brings end-to-end real-time graphic management unlike any other, to your production workflow.

To see how Avid Maestro | News can accelerate and simplify your news productions, please come and see our demonstration at Upper South Hall – Booth SU801 (located next to the hall entrance).

Maestro | News

Maestro | News is a universal controller for video and graphics that enables you to create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, high-resolution 3D graphics and videos easily.

Introducing Avid Maestro | PowerWall at NAB 2018

Technology and creativity are intertwined. Vibrant, scintillating productions are often dependent upon the tools used to illuminate storytelling. Stand-out productions are essential to separate yourself from the competition, and further entrench your brand. Avid’s studio solutions are developed specifically to meet these goals, and empower your production teams to unleash their creativity, leaving imaginations unbound by the usual studio constraints.

Now, at NAB 2018, Avid is proud to unveil Maestro | PowerWall, its next gen video wall solution enabling you to assign, control and manage content displayed across multiple high-resolution studio displays.  Rich media, including real-time 3D graphics, video, augmented reality content, images, visual effects, and live data feeds, all controlled by a single touchscreen user interface. And with a new pre-production tool that allows you to get to air and adapt to changes faster.


Engage viewers with dynamic, compelling imagery

Maestro | PowerWall boosts your productions’ “WOW” factor, by introducing dynamic, high-resolution content to enhance your storytelling capabilities. By combining video and graphics processing into one solution, Maestro | PowerWall enables you to control and display up to Ultra HD resolution on an unlimited amount of display surfaces – even if some have unconventional dimensions.


Manage multiple displays with ease

With more studios using multiple video walls, monitors and projectors to enrich their storytelling, executing technically seamless productions requires a workflow that cleanly choreographs these multiple display assets. Maestro | PowerWall puts complete command of each of these devices at your fingertips, with a single touch-screen interface. Easily manage multiple display surfaces, regardless of aspect ratio, size, shape or resolution. Dynamic Preview lets you produce with confidence by providing an actual replica of your studio displays, including their positions, orientations and aspect ratios, on a single monitor.

Streamline your control room

Maestro | PowerWall is the all-in-one, end-to-end workflow solution that eliminates the need for separate video processors or real-time graphics systems. It even provides up to eight internal HD clip players.  Because it integrates seamlessly with existing workflows, (Grass Valley, Ross, Sony, Snell & Wilcox, Blackmagic Design, Evertz and NVision) you minimize costs, complexity and studio footprint requirements.


Get to air faster and easier

New pre-production tools empower your team to respond immediately to breaking news or last-minute changes. Your team can quickly create and customize graphic templates on-the-fly, accelerating turn-around time for graphics content and playout. The touch-screen interface is sleek and intuitive for easy training and operation. A single operator can assign and play content, while independently or simultaneously controlling different production areas.


Go big – really BIG

Sometimes bigger is better, and Maestro | PowerWall gives you the scalability for blockbuster production values. Display content up to 16x the size of your HD-SDI video outputs, and up to 8x the size of your 1080p outputs, all without the need for an expensive video scaler. Fill the biggest video wall displays with SD, HD, 3G, UHD, 4K and other high-resolution formats simultaneously across inputs and outputs. 4K clips can even display in full resolution using four HD-SDI outputs to your video wall.


Bring editorial content to studio displays

Maestro | PowerWall is tightly integrated with MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, and can be integrated with commonly used newsroom computer systems. Generate editorial content directly from your newsroom software, insert it into your Maestro | PowerWall rundown, and then trigger it manually or automatically to keep up with fast-paced, and rapidly changing newscasts.


Avid Maestro | PowerWall in action

Avid Maestro | PowerWall’s flexibility and scalability makes it adaptable to solving even the most unique production challenges. CBS’s The Late Show design team decided they wanted to display imagery on different sized and shaped surfaces, including The Ed Sullivan Theater’s iconic domed ceiling. The challenge: how to execute complex video projection, on-the-fly, with content that must be unique every night, in a high-stress live-to-tape production environment. To see how they worked with Avid to develop a truly unique solution, watch the video.

“Technology alone is not enough.”

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple

Giving your team the latest technology will keep you competitive. Empowering your team to create without limits will allow your productions to rise above competitors, and develop a singularly unique brand pillar. As demand spirals for compelling video and audio content, establishing key differentiators becomes more difficult. To see how Avid Maestro | PowerWall can take your productions to new horizons, please come and see our demonstration at Upper South Hall – Booth SU801 (located next to the hall entrance).

Maestro | PowerWall

Captivate viewers and bring excitement to your studio, news, or sports production with Avid’s innovative display control and management solution.

Introducing Avid Maestro | Virtual Set Powered by Unreal Engine at NAB 2018

Vivid, vibrant productions capture the attention of viewers. In today’s market, the flexibility and utility of news and sports’ production environments are essential for engaging storytelling. More and more broadcasters are seeing the advantages of dynamic, tractable virtual studio designs and augmented reality graphics, that can be customized for story enrichment.

In the world of graphic creation, Epic’s Unreal Engine is considered the standard in high-end rendering platforms for games. Avid has chosen to pair-up with Unreal so virtual studio and augmented reality based productions can benefit from the photo realistic renders for AR experiences. Recognizing Unreal is not geared towards the real-time updates also required during a live production, Avid is combining its existing graphics engine workflow with Unreal’s to provide customized graphics over the virtual set layer. Both are packaged together on a single platform, controlled from the same user interface, and maintain the broadcaster’s existing Avid workflow.


Maestro | Virtual Set — anything but virtual

By incorporating Unreal Engine into your studio workflow, you can enrich your graphics with dynamic shadow options, reflections, lighting and more to the already powerful graphic capabilities of Maestro | Virtual Set. The result is stunning realism, establishing a true differentiator for news and sports productions.

Real-time data-driven graphics to tell your story

Maestro | Virtual Set allows your production teams to incorporate up-to-the-second accurate data-driven graphics, videos and additional content in your news and studio productions. These productions can be enriched even further by adding captivating augmented reality elements.


User-friendly design easily integrates into your workflow

Maestro | Virtual Set works seamlessly within the proven Avid MediaCentral environment. As a complete, end-to-end studio solution, it allows you to continue using your current design tools, like 3DSMax, Maya, Blender, etc. to create virtual studio backgrounds. Additionally, you can compile scenes from Unreal Engine’s extensive library and deploy them on your Avid platform.


Easy-to-use single interface

Maestro | Virtual Set’s single interface combines Avid’s existing graphics engine workflow with Unreal Engine, to provide updateable graphics over the virtual set layer. Users can control both virtual backgrounds and on-air graphics from the same screen. They can also be triggered to air by studio automation or switchers.

Stunning, reliable realism

Paired with Avid Xync 2.0, Maestro | Virtual Set embellishes your productions with virtual environments that are visually authentic. From unmatched camera tracking, to sophisticated crane and dolly sequences with unlimited 360-degree tracking, multi-camera productions are executed in perfect sync.

Give your team the freedom to create everything they imagine. Maestro | Virtual Set enhances your productions with stunning Unreal Engine imagery that stands-out from your competition. To see just how Avid Maestro | Virtual Set is forging new horizons for unique studio creation, come and see our demonstration at Upper South Hall – Booth SU801 (located next to the hall entrance).

Maestro | Virtual Set

With Maestro | Virtual Set, you can easily create photo-realistic environments and enhance any production to better engage viewers and enhance storytelling.