Live Sound

  • Introducing VENUE | S6L

    Under the Hood—The Secrets Behind the VENUE | E6L Engine’s Incredible Power

    A behind-the-scenes look at what makes this unprecedented new engine special and why it can make a major difference in…

  • VENUE S6L 10K Tour through the Baltics

    VENUE | S6L 10K Tour Through the Baltics

    In this blog post, I’m covering the VENUE | S6L tour through Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, visiting our…

  • VENUE | S6L 10K Tour in Scandoland

    For the next leg of the tour we drove pretty much non-stop to Copenhagen to set up our two unabashedly…

  • Behind the Scenes: Anastacia


    In this new “Behind the Scenes” video, FOH engineer Gerard Albo talks about the production of the current Anastacia world…

  • VENUE S6L 10K Tour

    VENUE | S6L 10K Tour

    In this blog series, I’m going to write about the mad product tour that me and my cohort, Chris Lambrechts,…

  • Customers React to the Next Stage in Live Sound Systems

    Customers React to the Next Stage in Live Sound Systems

    The legacy continues with VENUE | S6L, a modular mixing system designed to help you take on any type of…

  • VENUE | S6L

    VENUE | S6L—The Next Stage in Live Sound

    The new Avid VENUE | S6L live sound system is designed to meet the demands of any gig, providing unrelenting…

  • Mixing with VENUE in the Frozen North

    I recently filled in for a friend of mine and mixed the 2-day Nunavik Regional Youth Talent Show in Salluit,…

  • VENUE Systems Help Present Historic Cavalia Show at Qasr al Hosn Festival

    Cavalia Inc. creates lavish equestrian productions known for its cutting-edge use of technology, multimedia, and special effects under a circus…

  • Mixing the Reckless 30th Anniversary Tour with Robert Nevalainen

    Hear how FOH and monitor engineer Robert Nevalainen and FOH engineer Jody Perpick used dual VENUE | S3L-X systems for…