Helping You Stay Productive and Safe, Wherever You’re Working

The global response to the coronavirus outbreak is pushing the media and entertainment industry—from individual creators to the largest studios and broadcasters—to reevaluate our ways of working in order to stay safe.

In these difficult times, we need to come together as a community to find creative solutions to the challenges of working remotely. I’d like to share how Team Avid is quickly mobilizing to help you stay productive, no matter where you’re working.


Take Advantage of Free Licenses for Remote Users of Avid Creative Tools

For our commercial customers, we’re offering free creative tools licenses so team members can keep working remotely.

  • Free 90-day licenses for each of its registered users of Media Composer | Ultimate, Pro Tools, Pro Tools | Ultimate, and Sibelius | Ultimate. This offer is open through Friday, April 17.
  • Click here for details

For students whose school campuses are closed, we’ll keep creative tools in their hands so they can finish the school year on track.

  • Any student of an Avid-based learning institution that uses Media Composer, Pro Tools, or Sibelius can receive a free 90-day license for the same products. This offer is also open through Friday, April 17.
  • Click here for details


Leverage Remote Workflows in Your Current Applications

Commercial customers using Avid platforms to manage, store, or distribute content can easily tap into capabilities to extend news, sports, and post workflows with remote collaboration at scale. In the short term, you can do this within your current infrastructure.

For remote editing, customers can:

  • Share projects and media and stay in sync
  • Log media, prep content, group multicamera footage, and collaborate with others
  • Browse, search, organize, storyboard, and edit media just using a web browser
  • Extend production beyond the walls of your facility

For remote access to media workflows, broadcasters can: 

  • Leverage web-based access to the MediaCentral platform for a proven workflow with editorial teams
  • Access iNEWS from any location
  • Use VPN to keep information secure
  • Create, edit, and write stories and edit video and graphics remotely
  • Enable remote access for editors to work from home

To help teams transition to remote workflows, we’ve compiled technical documents outlining solutions options:

Consider a Cloud Strategy to Protect and Expand Your Workflows

For a more comprehensive solution, migrating to the cloud will achieve even greater economies of scale and performance. Several media companies are moving their workflows into the cloud with Avid platforms to find new ways to create, produce, and distribute content on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

      • Enable production teams to deploy workflows in the cloud
      • Rethink the way they get their work done, especially in anticipation of difficult times when teams need to collaborate from many locations
      • Deploy and operate securely in the cloud
      • Improve film and television production pipeline
      • Core solutions and technologies include the Avid MediaCentral™ | Cloud UX platform, Avid NEXIS | Cloud storage, and Avid Media Composer® all running natively in the Microsoft Azure cloud


Every situation is unique. Avid’s solutions experts and our cloud team are on standby to help you move to the cloud quickly.

Click here to request a consultation.


These are extraordinary times. The safety of each and every member of our community, including our employees, is job number one. We will do whatever we can to make your difficult decisions, like temporarily closing a facility, a whole lot easier.

Keep your input coming and we’ll keep working at the solutions.

How to Switch From Your Current Music Distributor to AvidPlay

Looking to move away from CD Baby, DistroKid, Ditto, or another distributor to AvidPlay? Here’s what you need to do to move your current releases without disruption, while also maintaining all of your streaming statistics.

First, you’ll need to log in to your current distributor account and gather these details:

  • EAN/UPC associated with your released album(s)
  • ISRC associated with track(s)

If you’re unsure about how to go about this, you can reach out to the distributor who’ll be able to offer guidance on how to find these details. Ensure that you have all details associated with the album(s) exactly as they were initially entered; title, genre, artist, etc. This will help to ensure all stats associated with the release will still be available to you once the product is distributed through AvidPlay.

Now that you have all of your information, you can begin to takedown your releases from your current distributor. If your distributor allows you to takedown the releases yourself go ahead and do that, or request that they do it for you.

Once you’ve confirmed the releases have been removed from stores and streaming services you can create your AvidPlay account, if you haven’t already, and go ahead and redistribute your music.

You can purchase an AvidPlay plan here.

If you follow the process outlined you will be able to find the grand total of streams for all track-linked versions on relevant services such as Spotify (through Spotify for Artists).

We look forward to having you as a part of the AvidPlay family.

Distribute music with AvidPlay

Distribute your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Anghami, and dozens of other major streaming services around the world. Plus, keep 100% of your rights and earnings.

How One Ohio Sound Engineer Is Building a Freelance Business Just by Using One App

“Just like everyone, I started with an instrument and a hope and a dream,” says sound engineer Tony Cray. Spurred by a love of Nirvana (weren’t we all in the 90s?), Tony picked up a guitar at 14, which led to an interest in the recording arts at 17 because “I really just wanted to make my own guitar sound better.”

Tony convinced his dad to help him convert their garage into a home recording studio; it was built on Mbox 2, Pro Tools 6 “and a really crappy mixer” to help augment the two-channel Mbox. Twenty years later, engineering is his career: he’s an audio engineer/producer at Sonic Lounge Studios and a live sound engineer at Rock City Church, both in his native Columbus, while building a freelance audio business on the side.

This is the sort of guy who lives and breathes music, who sweats riffs and has rhythm running through his veins. The kind of guy who wants to help his community because he loves what he does so much. He is surrounded by the audio arts at every waking minute – and, let’s face it, probably the not-awake ones too.

“Sometimes your studio is where you want to record songs and sometimes it’s a lab where you experiment,” he says. “I treat mine as a place to push boundaries and see what could happen without scrutiny.”

So when Tony wanted to build out his freelance engineering business, he needed to connect with the sorts of people who took the art of music seriously, who wanted to collaborate and experiment and see what happened. That’s why he joined the Avid Link community.

Four things Tony Cray can now do thanks to Avid Link

“I hadn’t even had a chance to properly use Avid Link before people contacted me asking if I could help,” he says. “My friends all started using it for projects and as a form of communication. It helps us stay in tight synchronicity with projects…. It’s so easy and it’s all just right there, all my favorite software. I don’t have to go anywhere else.”

Here are just a few ways Avid Link has transformed Tony’s business.


1. Collaborate better – especially on big projects

“Before Avid Link, if we collaborated at all it would be with Dropbox. It would be convoluted and kind of sloppy or not as streamlined as it should be. Lots of things would get lost or not sent right. Otherwise, we’d have to do it in person – but if you’re in the room with more than one engineer, only one person can use the computer at a time.

“Before Avid Link, if we collaborated at all it would be with Dropbox. It would be convoluted and kind of sloppy or not as streamlined as it should be. [With Avid Link] people on both ends of the computer can make moves at the same time without stepping on each other’s toes. You can have dialogue in-app, using your phone.”

—Tony Cray, sound engineer

2. Access an audit trail of all correspondence in one place

“Artists I’m working with can be on their phone leaving me real-time notes, whether they’re here or somewhere else; they don’t have to stop what they’re doing to log into what I’m doing. Normally when you collaborate, you’d go back and forth with emails and text messages, which can get confusing if you’re working on a project for any length of time and you need to find certain details. With Avid Link, all that stuff is consolidated in one place. You never have to track it down.

“My friend and colleague, Dennis Belisle, is a keyboard player and music producer for Rio Revolution Church in Tennessee. We recorded 12 songs for his church, in the vein of a Hillsong sound or vibe. These sessions are really big – probably 70, 80 tracks each – but we’ve used Avid Link exclusively to keep the correspondence with his entire project. It’s such a great way to do it because you can ensure whatever you’re sending is getting where it needs to go, and you have an open dialogue the entire time. You don’t have to try to remember what someone said about a part or a section. It’s there.”

3. Discover new collaborators

“There’s a gentleman, his stage name is Overtime Sims, he met me on Avid Link and sent me a few songs that needed mixed and mastered. He’s in Kansas, but it was like we were sitting right next to each other. It was seamless, nothing about it was convoluted or difficult. It was just super streamlined and easy. It seemed like we’d been working together for years by the time we were done with his projects because of how fluid it was using the Avid products.

“You can find and talk to the people that you want to work with, too. You can just go through a list Find Talent where you can scroll through, read people’s credentials and say, ‘ooh I would like you to team with this keyboard player in Tokyo, he sounds interesting’. You can leave him a message right there and build a dialogue.”


4. Take his career to the next level

“It’s enabling you to take your creativity even further and it’s growing. I would never be able to accomplish anything I’m doing musically without Avid – without their products I would be dead in the water, honestly.

“My freelance capabilities were very staggered and hindered until I got on Avid Link, even doing this for as long as I have been. Audio engineering can be similar to being a barber or a painter – normally it’s word of mouth that gets you business. Hey, so-and-so is pretty good at this, you should try their service.


Connect with creatives and build your own network

Avid Link is a creative community for connecting with other creatives, promote your work and get discovered, and purchase and manage products, all in one interface.

While Tony has been a Pro Tools enthusiast for two decades, you don’t have to be a user of Avid’s technologies to make the most of Avid Link. Just set up a profile, and start connecting, conversing – and creating.

Introducing Avid Link

Avid Link is a free app for anyone looking to find, connect, and collaborate with other creatives, promote your work and get discovered, and purchase and manage products—all in one interface.

Distribute music with AvidPlay

Distribute your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Anghami, and dozens of other major streaming services around the world. Plus, keep 100% of your rights and earnings.

Avid Heads to Sundance 2020

It’s that time of year again! Not just award season, but film fanatics will be converging in Park City, UT for the ever-popular Sundance Film Festival. Everyone will be lining up to see what the next award-winning film could be this year. And lining up for a great party to mingle with other film folk and maybe even a celebrity or two.

But more important to mention, Avid is thrilled to be hitting the streets at Sundance again this year, to meet with editors, filmmakers and students to talk about their films and their craft.

This year, there are many films that used Avid Media Composer, so if you are heading to the Park City Winter Wonderland, we hope you get a chance to see:

  • The 40-Year-Old Version, edited by Rob G. Wilson
  • The Evening Hour, edited by Joe Krings
  • Minari, edited by Harry Yoon
  • Nine Days, edited by Michael Taylor
  • Palm Springs, edited by Matt Friedman
  • Wander Darkly, edited by Alex O’Flinn
  • Zola, edited by Joi McMillon
  • Just to name a bunch…


And be on the lookout for Team Avid on Main Street, as we will be handing out Avid/Microsoft Beanies, or ‘Tukes’ as they are known in Canada, to keep your heads warm.

Contest and Giveaway

Want to win a 1-Year Subscription to Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools, or XBOX Game Pass Ultimate? If you tweet a photo of yourself wearing one of the beanies that we hand out at, with #AvidatSundance, you will be placed into a drawing to win!



And if you follow and watch our live videos from Sundance on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, maybe you’ll be the lucky winner of a brand new Avid S1!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival!!


Watch our videos on the Avid social media channels, LIVE from Sundance 2020, for a chance to win an Avid S1!

Avid and Microsoft are bringing the next era of Content Creation to life. Avid on Azure empowers you to embrace the power of the cloud for real-time collaboration, production and delivery.

Make your mark with Pro Tools

Create music or sound for film/TV and connect with a premier network of artists, producers, and mixers around the world.

Avid Media Composer

Industry-standard video editing software for independent editors and moviemakers

Kris Siegers Chooses AvidPlay to Distribute his Music to Streaming Services Worldwide

When I first saw that Avid was entering the digital distribution market, I wondered what they could possibly bring to the table that was not already available with other similar companies that offer the same service.

I had been busy with my company Space Cabin Audio making drum expansion libraries for Platinum Samples drum virtual instrument Accent and in late 2019 I had finally had some time to write and release music again.  That is when the hunt for a distributor started.  I checked out all of them and decided that I would use AvidPlay.

I already had Avid Link installed with my Pro Tools subscription so I didn’t have to create another account, remember another password, or deal with a company that I had not dealt with in the past.  The price was also a major factor.  Other companies charge a lot more per year and if you need to make any changes with your release you have to email them and then wait for changes.  The other companies also leave monetization splits up to the artist.

With AvidPlay you are in complete control of every aspect of your release, from monetization splits, artwork, and even changing the data after release if you want.

Using AvidPlay was the most intuitive, well thought out release process I have ever used for digital distribution.  Here are the basic steps it took to release a track.  The entire process was completed in less than 15 minutes and my song was available the next day on most major streaming platforms.


Step 1

Go to the Avid Webstore and purchase an AvidPlay plan.  At first, I chose a single release, but as I plan to release more, I was simply able to update to the unlimited plan directly inside of Avid Link.


Step 2

Download and install Avid Link if you are not on a current Pro Tools Subscription, or if you are on a current subscription, simply open Avid Link.


Step 3

Log in to Avid Link with the same credentials as you use on the Avid website.  If you use Pro Tools, you already have this info, if you don’t use Pro Tools you will make an Avid Account when you purchase the AvidPlay subscription.


Step 4

Choose the Products tab on the left side of Avid Link, locate the AvidPlay product, then click the Dashboard button.

Step 5

Click the New Release button on the top right.

Step 6

Enter all the relevant information on the product details tab.  In this example, I am using the default AvidPlay label, but feel free to put your label here if you have one.  Pick your release date if you plan on releasing the song or album on a specific date.  Fill in the song name, artist name, then click Save and Next.

Step 7

Next add your artwork.  This is one of my favorite parts of AvidPlay.  All of the info you need is displayed easily and concisely.  So many artists these days wear every hat in the project.  From producer/engineer, promoter, and yes, even graphic designer.  This page lets you know everything you need to do.  From file type to pixel size.  Drag your artwork in and let it upload. I use both Photoshop and Affinity Pro for this purpose, but you can use any program you want as long as it lets you set the size to 4000 x 4000 pixels and save it to a supported format.  So simple. Then click save and next.

Step 8

Drag and drop your audio file onto the window and wait for it to upload.  I suggest uploading the suggested 16 bit 44.1kHz audio file, but you are allowed to use other audio file formats if you choose.  They suggest to name the audio file as you want it to appear, but you can change that after upload if you wish.  Once the file is uploaded, preview it inside of the app to make sure it plays correctly.  Often times we get in a rush and forget this final critical step only to notice something later.  Either way, even if you do, you can change this audio file at any time inside of the AvidPlay app.

Step 9

The track details tab.  Fill in all relevant info and then click Save or Save and Distribute.

I have included an image from the first track I released with AvidPlay as an example of what is in this tab.

As you can see in the image below this is very well thought out.  You can add the lyrics, set up payment splits, put in performing rights info, add credits for everyone involved, the genre, and pretty much anything else that needs to be done.  This step is what really sold me on using AvidPlay as a way to release my music.

If you are like me and play every single role in your project, then AvidPlay is most likely for you.  In nine simple steps, you are able to have your music available quickly on most streaming platforms.  Since Avid is adding more platforms all the time your music will automatically go to them as long as you choose to add new platforms by default.

Distribute music with AvidPlay

Distribute your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Anghami, and dozens of other major streaming services around the world. Plus, keep 100% of your rights and earnings.

How to Pitch Your Music to Spotify Playlist Curators

With the introduction of AvidPlay, which makes it simple to get your music on popular streaming services around the world, it’s important to make sure you’re giving yourself every advantage to have your music reach your intended audience—allowing you to grow your fanbase. Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to give your music a chance to make it into some of the most popular Spotify playlists.


Step 1: Purchase an AvidPlay subscription

AvidPlay is a simple way to stream and sell your music around the world. Keep 100% of your revenue and rights, get shareable links to grow your fanbase, and even split earnings automatically with bandmates. AvidPlay enables you to get your next release on Spotify, which is the first step to being able to pitch Spotify playlist curators.

Purchase a plan here


Step 2: Release music to Spotify

When setting up your release, select Spotify as a distribution option, and set the release date for at least a month out. This will ensure that Spotify has time to recognize your release and give you enough time to claim your Spotify artist profile through Spotify for Artists.


Step 3: Claim your Spotify profile

In order to get access to pitching your music to Spotify playlist curators, you need to claim your Spotify for Artists profile. Doing this will allow you to customize your profile appearance, give you access to in depth Spotify streaming stats, and let you choose which upcoming releases you want to pitch. In order to claim your profile, you will need to provide a few of your social or webpage links to verify your identity.


Step 4: Pitch your music

Once you have claimed your Spotify for Artists profile. Navigate to your account, select the Music tab and select Upcoming. Here, you’ll see your soon to be released albums and singles, which can now be pitched to Spotify playlist curators. Spotify has a ton of different playlist options that fit any style, genre, or mood.

Do some research and figure out a playlist that your music would be a good fit for. While filling out the form for submitting your track, you’ll be asked to suggest a playlist that you think your music would a good fit for, so do some research and find a good option. Getting included in any of Spotify’s playlists can be a huge boost to growing your fanbase and gaining followers.

Good luck!

Stream and Sell Your Music With AvidPlay

Distribute your music on Spotify, YouTube Music, Anghami, and dozens of other major streaming services around the world. Plus, keep 100% of your rights and earnings.

What’s New — AvidPlay 2020.1

Since its launch, Avid Link continues to enable creators of all types to connect and collaborate with each other on a global scale, help them to keep their Avid applications up to date easily and efficiently, allow them to find, purchase, and update licensing and installing of Avid and 3rd party products, plug-ins, and services, and expand their creative opportunities.  With steady growth of approximately 2000 users being added each day and more than 370,000 new members in the community, the potential for Avid Link users continues to rise.

AvidPlay, launched in the summer of 2019, is a key, integrated service, embedded within Avid Link, designed to offer music creators a simple and streamlined way to distribute their music to many of the major streaming platforms, worldwide, at an affordable cost.  Users keep 100% of their music rights, and earnings.  AvidPlay also offers more opportunities for users to be discovered in the Avid Link community, via the Lounges, and gives users the ability to manage their releases right from their desktop or mobile device.

Every new year brings new opportunities, and AvidPlay is primed and ready to help enable users with even more choices when it comes to streaming platform options, plans, and ways to share their music with their audience.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the new features and benefits now available in AvidPlay in this new release!


Distribution Service Additions

AvidPlay already connects users with many of the world’s most popular streaming services, including Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, and so much more.  With this new release, we’ve added Apple Music and TikTok to the list.  The addition of these two services is a huge win for users who wish to reach the maximum number of listeners and potential new fans across the world.  Apple Music boasts a user base of 60 million customers, all hungry for new music and artists to discover and listen to.  The addition of TikTok, gives users a gateway to more than 500 million active users.  Users just might find their music being used in one of the many hilarious and trending memes and videos the service is best known for.  Remember, AvidPlay users keep 100% of their earnings and rights!


The core tenant of AvidPlay is to allow artists and musicians to share their work with the world.  We’ve made this even easier in this version of AvidPlay, with the addition of the ability to share via social media, in the Releases section.  Once a release is live and distributed, users will now see a “share” icon, underneath each release.  Clicking that icon will automatically generate a URL link that can be copied into the user’s social media site of their choice.  It’s one more way that creators can use AvidPlay to reach their audience in a quick and easy way.

New Plan Choices

AvidPlay has always strived to offer amazing value and affordable plans, made to help users maximize their ability to grow their audience and income, without breaking the bank.  Plans start at just $5 per year, with options for releasing anything from a single track or an entire album.  With this new version of AvidPlay, unlimited releases and lifetime plans have been added for tracks and albums, starting at just $9.99.  Users now have even more choice to find the plan that works for them and more flexibility to upgrade as their fanbase grows.

The release of Avid Link 2020.1, with the additional choices and benefits available to customers in AvidPlay, sets the stage for an exciting year for our customers.  There’s more planned, and we couldn’t be more excited to see and hear what our users will create and share with the world.  If you’re not yet an Avid Link user, there’s no better time to join.  Visit The Avid Link site , or download on your iOS or Android device, and start your journey now!

Distribute music with AvidPlay

Distribute your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Anghami, and dozens of other major streaming services around the world. Plus, keep 100% of your rights and earnings.

Create in the New Year with Avid Link

Over the past year Avid Link has grown into a flourishing community for creators looking to collaborate, polish their craft, and enhance their careers and skills. We’ve been thrilled with the way creators of all types have taken to Avid Link and seeing our original vision of creating a new home for creators become what it is today has been inspiring. With one year under our belt, we’re looking to bring even more great features to you that will help you take your craft even further. Here’s a look at what’s new and available right now for the new year in Avid Link.



If you’ve been participating in the community by helping other users or joining in on some collaborations, take some time to endorse the talents and skills listed in their profiles. This new feature will allow you to gain recognition and credibility for the skills you include in your profile, by allowing other users to vouch for you in the form of an endorsement.

Share your work to Lounges

Lounges has grown into a great place for creators to give and get feedback on what they’re working on, and also to find collaborators to work with. Now, you can share tracks, videos, and scores in your portfolio directly to your posts with ease. When creating your post, click on the ‘Add Content’ drop down and select ‘Add Portfolio Item(s)’. This will bring up a list of all of the content uploaded to your portfolio that you will be able to include in an integrated player with your post.

Manage all of your products with greater ease

There are big improvements coming to Avid Link that will simplify the way you manage all of your software, add-ons, and included products as well. In the latest version of Avid Link, all of your products that appear in your My Avid account, will now appear in the products tab of Avid Link where we’ve made enhancements to installing, managing, and redeeming anything you have an entitlement for. We’ve also cleaned up the presentation of the Products tab by organizing all of your add-ons and included products within the software it is related to.

Avid Link

Avid Link is a free app for anyone looking to find, connect, and collaborate with other creatives, promote your work and get discovered, and purchase and manage products—all in one interface.

Folder Tracks Coming Soon to Pro Tools 2020

A new year is upon us.  And with the new year brings new opportunities to create and share with others. With that in mind, coming soon, the first Pro Tools update for 2020 will bring one of the most highly requested and anticipated features to the world’s industry-standard DAW. We’re live at NAMM 2020 in Anaheim, where Pro Tools 2020 is being previewed to the public for the very first time!  Let’s take a quick look at what the first Pro Tools release in 2020 has in store.


Folder Tracks Is Upon Us

The first Pro Tools update for 2020 brings one of the most highly requested and anticipated features…Folder Tracks!  This feature, along with its many possible workflows is one that positively affects and helps Pro Tools users from all types.  Whether you’re writing, recording, editing, or mixing, efficiency and organization is essential to stay focused on getting your ideas down and sounding their best.  During the process of creation, editing, and mixing, sessions can get quite complicated and difficult to manage, even small track count sessions can become unwieldly, depending on the amount of work being done.  This is where Folder Tracks comes into play.

Folder Tracks allows Pro Tools users the ability to take command of their sessions by organizing tracks into visual, collapsible folders.  This ability creates a more streamlined, organized arrangement on screen, helping to remove the distraction that having to scroll through numerous tracks can bring.  Folder Tracks enhances session management to new heights.

At launch, here are just some of what you’ll be able to do with Folder Tracks in your session:

  • Organize tracks into collapsible folders (up to 8 layers)
  • Drag-and-drop tracks into folders with ease
  • Color-code folders
  • Edit the folder itself, thereby automatically editing the “member” tracks simultaneously
  • Basic Folder Track Functions: include reordering tracks in and out of folders, open/close folders, and propagation of show/hide and active/inactive actions to member tracks.
  • Routing Folder Tracks: allows audio signals to be routed through the folder for stem mix workflows. All Aux track functions, including inserts, sends, and automation are available on Routing Folders. Optionally, selected tracks can be automatically routed when moved into a new Routing Folder.
  • Editing: Edit selections made on folders are propagated to their member tracks, allowing one to easily edit clips across all member tracks. On open folders, all edit commands that are currently available on multi-track selections are allowed; A smaller core set of edit commands are available on closed folders and will allow users to perform many useful edits without having to open folders.
  • Track Presets: Folders with their nested members can be saved and imported as Track Presets, expanding the already powerful feature.
  • Backward Compatibility: When sessions with folders are opened in Pro Tools versions earlier than 2020.R1, Routing Folders turn into AUX tracks, while Basic Folders are simply dropped. Nesting is flattened.


Even just a quick overview of these Folder Track options, it’s easy to see how any Pro Tools user can start utilizing this amazing feature to manage their sessions, increasing efficiency through organization, all in the name of keeping every user in their most creative and focused mode.  There will be an abundance of ways to incorporate Folder Tracks into your workflow.  Here are a couple of basic examples showing how one might incorporate Folder Tracks into their workflow.


Folder Tracks for Music

The simplest, yet most powerful example of using Folder Tracks in a music session is using folders to organize your tracks by type.  For instance, in the example photo below, you’ll see that tracks are organized into folders, based on the track type.  Lead vocal tracks live in the hot pink folder titled “Vox Lead folder”.  You’ll notice that the Track UI is now a bit different, with icons on the bottom left of the track information area, indicating that this is a folder.  Additionally, you’ll notice the UI change above the folder title, as well as the same color around a thin border across the track information and additional track modules (Inserts, Sends, I/O, Real Time Properties, etc…).  This all exists to ensure that you’ll easily be able to distinguish a track from a folder.  Looking into the main edit/arrange area, you’ll notice that a visual representation of all the tracks that exist in the folder.  In the example below, you’ll notice that the green “Horns folder” has 4 separately colored tracks, living in this folder.  Remember, folders can also be saved and recalled as Track Presets!   Elegantly simple, powerful, efficient.  That’s the beauty of Folder Tracks!

Folder Tracks for Audio Post

If you’re in the world of audio post, you stand to reap enormous benefits using Folder Tracks in your sessions.  By their very nature, audio post sessions tend to get large rather quickly.  Using Folder Tracks in Pro Tools | Ultimate, an audio post user can easily build a scene by grouping related tracks together and mange functions such as signal flow, mutes, and sends, all through a routing folder.  Also available in Pro Tools | Ultimate is the ability to navigate a large session easily by consolidating numerous tracks in the mix and edit windows.  Audio post users can organize different types of tracks including scenes, sound design, dialogue, and any other audio elements, logically, according to the user’s desire.

I Want My Folder Tracks!

The addition of Folder Tracks has been the most requested features, across all Pro Tools users, and we are incredibly excited to bring it to Pro Tools 2020.  It’s on preview at NAMM 2020 now, and is coming soon!  2020 will be an exciting year for Avid audio, and we look forward to hearing and seeing how our community utilizes this amazing feature!  Of course, don’t forget to always check your system and OS requirements before installing any new version of software!  Happy new year and check back for more soon!

Empowering Inspired Artists

When inspiration strikes, nothing empowers your creativity like Pro Tools. That’s why top artists, musicians, and audio professionals choose it for everything they do.

Introducing Pro Tools | MTRX Studio

With the continued evolution of digital audio, artists, producers, editors, and creators are enabled to do more than ever.  With this freedom and open floodgate come larger sessions and bigger projects.  However, budgets continue to decline, leaving smaller facilities and independent professionals in a bind.  The need for flexible audio routing, utilization of varying audio inputs and outputs, and the ability to efficiently deliver different mix formats, have all become important pieces to consider, keeping the quality of deliverables high, while maintaining shrinking budgets.


Your studio centerpiece

Enter, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio ($4,999 USD MSRP), the latest addition to the MTRX audio interface family.  Created, in partnership with Digital Audio Denmark, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio combines high-quality I/O, extensive routing possibilities, and extensive monitoring capabilities in a single 1U rackspace. It’s your studio centerpiece, ideal for pro music and audio post facilities and studios of all sizes.  Let’s take a quick look at what this small but powerful single 1U rack-mountable unit is capable of.

Connection Is Key

The Pro Tools | MTRX Studio features ample and flexible connectivity.  Whether you’re connecting analogue or digital signals, the Pro Tools | MTRX Studio makes it easy to connect and consolidate all your outboard gear and desired connections.  18 channels of analogue I/O are ready to accept a wide array of instruments, microphones, speakers, processors, and other outboard devices.  Digital connectivity features DigiLink, 64 channels of Dante, and ADAT, making it easy to combine and simplify your signal chain.

Take full monitor control

In addition to all the audio signal connection possibilities, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio utilizes the DADman control software to assist in routing, creating, and recalling monitor profiles. MTRX Studio also delivers SPQ speaker calibration, built directly into the box—something sold separately for the larger MTRX—so users will be able to recall monitor profiles along with speaker tuning settings.

Power You Can Hear, Power You Can Feel

When the first Pro Tools | MTRX launched, it was quickly lauded for the pristine quality of its converters and incredible imaging.  The Pro Tools | MTRX Studio likewise delivers converters and mic pres designed by DAD. And when paired with a Pro Tools | HDX or HD Native system, ultra-low latency allows musicians and voice over artists to record and capture their performances with complete confidence.


Mix and monitor Dolby Atmos

With its 64 channels of Dante, and 18 channels of analogue I/O, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio is ready to tackle immersive sound for audio post and music.  It can monitor up to 7.1.4 and above and can interface with a Dolby Atmos renderer.  Additionally, the inclusion of SPQ speaker calibration ensures that your monitoring space will provide an accurate listening environment for just about any speaker format.

Enter The MTRX

We’ve just scratched the surface of what Pro Tools | MTRX Studio is capable of.  There’s much more to discover about this amazing new addition to the MTRX family. Pro Tools | MTRX Studio is being previewed at NAMM 2020 in Anaheim and will be available soon!  Be sure to check avid.com/mtrx-studio for more information!

Pro Tools | MTRX Studio

Bring creative efficiency to your studio with integrated I/O, monitoring, and routing in one. With Pro Tools | MTRX Studio, you can simplify your signal flow, route any input to any output, get the lowest latency with Pro Tools | HDX, and outfit any room for Dolby Atmos mixing.