Taking Graphics to the Next Level for News and Sports

Avid’s comprehensive, next-generation graphics workflows enable leading broadcasters to cost-effectively create and manage dynamic media, even from multiple locations. Production values are not only enhanced, but are up-to-the-second relevant to grab audiences’ attention.


Established broadcasters are facing competition from digital platforms for viewers’ attention. Media consumed via web, social and mobile channels is making relevance and brand equity more important than ever before. One of the best ways for broadcasters to compete is with high quality, dynamic graphic content.

The use of graphics in TV productions has grown exponentially in the past few years – to the point that how you show information is becoming almost as important as what you show. More and more screen real estate is being dedicated to graphics – tickers on the bottom of the screen, immersive graphics in the show, even extending the studio space with virtual elements, video displays and more. Hand in hand with the visualization of graphics is the growing need for graphics to be up-to-the-second relevant. Data-driven graphics ensure that content is always timely and in context – a great example of this is the use of live Twitter and other social network feeds to populate graphics while a show is on air.

Graphics are no longer a standalone activity, but an integral part of the entire production workflow, from the journalist selecting graphics or video content to better tell the story, to the editor adding graphics to the video in post. To facilitate this kind of production, the graphics elements have to be accessible to many different users – perhaps even working remotely or at another site – and how and when these graphics are used also needs to be tracked and managed.

If accomplishing all of this isn’t challenging enough, we also have to be mindful of the current economic climate which requires broadcasters to be budget-conscious, and to look at how they can increase efficiency while at the same time decreasing operational costs.

In this new Avid Graphics blog series, I will explain how you can take advantage of your existing Avid workflow to create high-quality, engaging and immersive content that will get the attention of your audience without adding cost. I will also show you how – all through the familiar MediaCentral platform – you can store, control and access content remotely.

The blog series will take you through initial graphics creation, using templates to support the journalist’s pre-production workflow. Then we will discuss how to maximize the impact of social media by incorporating it into graphics and video. Moving into the studio, we will explore how to add augmented reality to a production, to enhance sports and election coverage, and to manage and control UHD video walls and virtual studios. We will close the series with an in-depth look at graphics in the Master Control Room environment.

Graphics for News and Sports

Our blog series takes a look at the various elements of Avid’s comprehensive end-to-end graphics solution. Starting with initial graphics creation and templating, it covers integrating social media, telestration, virtual studios and augmented reality, before closing with an overview of playout and channel branding in the Machine Room.



Captivate Your Audience, Everywhere

With Avid graphics solutions, you can entertain and enlighten audiences through powerful visual storytelling, stunning imagery, and enhancements, so they keep tuning in for more.



Efficient Archiving Yields Valuable Creative Time for Sakha NBC

Products used



To create an up-to-date, integrated and unified workflow for preparing daily and regular programmes as well as digitising a vast archive of media material.


Develop an integrated and efficient workflow based on the Avid MediaCentral Platform with the comprehensive Interplay Facility Bundle at its heart.

Sakha National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is one of the largest regional television and radio broadcasting companies in Russia. It is a state-funded institution operating in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, reporting on events that have taken place in Yakutia and creating a wide variety of programmes including news, documentaries and entertainment shows about life in the region. At the beginning of 2016, Sakha NBC completely modernized its workflow, becoming the first company in the Russian Far East to implement the Interplay | MAM solution.

The company had been experiencing difficulties for several reasons, firstly due to the multiplicity and diversity of its editing systems (Edius, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut). Furthermore, the workstations themselves were of different generations, with different levels of productivity, which meant the time required to prepare the same content varied greatly for each workstation. Obtaining technical support for the various types of equipment was also proving to be difficult.

The second major problem was the absence of a digital archive. “Our archive is a collection of 100,000 hours of material stored on 16mm film and Betacam cassettes. The shelf life of this media is approaching its end, and we needed to install a solution to digitise the material,” says Yuri Sergachev, head of the IT department at Sakha NBC. “We often use archival material in our programmes, some of it dating back to 1974, which is why it is extremely important for us to be able to find it and retrieve it from our archives quickly. This is impossible without an effective MAM system.”

The company also lacked a unified technological process to collate and store archive material, since each of the journalists, directors and producers saved their original material on their own individual computers. There was no shared database, and over time it became practically impossible to find material as and when it was needed.

“Before, we might spend an entire working day looking for a piece of material we needed. Now we just enter our search criteria in the Interplay | MAM system, including the relevant metadata, and we can find the material we are looking for in minutes.”

—Yuri Sergachev, head of the IT department, Sakha NBC

The IT department put together a comprehensive technological wish-list to solve these significant challenges, allowing them to digitise the existing media and add invaluable metadata, connect the editing stations to a central data storage system and implement a unified system for managing the media assets.


Integrated functionality

The project was defined by a tight budget as well as the need to integrate the new workflow with the SkyLark automated broadcasting system. After a comparative analysis of solutions from various manufacturers, the decision was made to use Avid technology. The systems integrator OKNO-TV and its subsidiary in Novosibirsk executed the project.

The project resulted in the installation of a modern media workflow integrated on the MediaCentral Platform, with the Avid Interplay Facility Bundle offering comprehensive asset management capabilities together with centralized shared storage. The ISIS Expansion Engine allows capacity and throughput to be expanded as required, and Media | Director enables automated file uploading of material both as a reduced (proxy) and full HD solution.

The MediaCentral | UX interface also enables reporters, directors and journalists to independently carry out preliminary editing of visual material and prepare voice-over texts; this has significantly reduced the editing time required during the fine cut of materials in full resolution. The fine cut is carried out on Media Composer edit stations, while audio production is completed in Pro Tools to correct frequency, remove artefacts and standardise.

Material prepared for the air is transferred to the SkyLark broadcasting server in the appropriate file format using Interplay Transfer’s FTP DHM feature, and the source file is placed in the archive. An Oracle LTO library is used for long-term storage of digitised archives. This is integrated with Interplay | MAM and the other components of the workflow.

To reduce costs, the Interplay Archive solution was not included in the suite in the first stage – instead SGL FlashNet was used to integrate archive systems with the MAM, thereby providing entry-level integration based on web services. At a later date, Sakha NBC will be able to install Interplay Archive and transfer all metadata there. All workstations at Sakha NBC are now integrated into Avid’s MAM system, thus unifying the use of metadata as well as simplifying and speeding up searches and retrieval of material from the archive.


Increased efficiency gives back production time

“Preparing material for two or three minutes of air time took several hours before the new Avid workflow; the same task now takes less than an hour.”

—Yuri Sergachev, head of the IT department, Sakha NBC

Production efficiency has increased dramatically as a result of the project, and the company has virtually eliminated the previous situation when material was available literally at the last minute before it went to air. For instance, the time needed to search for material in the archive and retrieve it has been reduced almost a hundredfold.

“Before, we might spend an entire working day looking for a piece of material we needed,” says Sergachev. “That was because we had to search manually. We did so by watching the video cassettes that had been retrieved one by one, and there might have been 20 or more of them. Now we just enter our search criteria in the Interplay | MAM system, including the relevant metadata, and we can find the material we are looking for in five to ten minutes at most. Prior to having the MAM system, preparation of a programme might have been completed only an hour before airing, whereas now almost all programmes in which archival material is used are ready two days before the broadcast begins.”

The preparation of daily programmes has also become significantly more efficient. Here, the time savings are also manifold – the process is at least three to four times faster than before. “Preparing material for 2-3 minutes of air time took several hours before the new Avid workflow; the same task now takes less than an hour,” adds Sergachev.

For newly produced material, metadata is entered by the reporters themselves, who each enter descriptive information for their own material. As for archival material, especially very old material dating back to the 1970s, TV industry veterans are also involved in the process as they are able to recognise certain people or events in the images.

Since the customer was located in a remote region, an important part of the project was the training of members of staff to be able to use and maintain the system independently. A special four-week training programme was prepared for this purpose, during which technical employees of Sakha NBC received instruction about the structure of the workflow as well as practical tuition to maintain it. Journalists, producers and directors learned how to work with MediaCentral and Media Composer, and system administrators and editors were also given specific training.


Next steps

The flexible and future-proof nature of the Avid system means that the broadcaster can also plan for further improvements to its workflow over the coming months and years, as requirements change and grow. For example, the digitisation of 100,000 hours of archive footage is a long process that will benefit from a forthcoming purchase of new AirSpeed servers, enabling transfers from multiple video tape recorders simultaneously. In addition, the Interplay Facility Bundle includes components such as Media Composer | Cloud, which allows users to work not only locally but also remotely. However, Sakha NBC has not started using this function yet because of the bandwidth of the public Internet in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic.

As a result of this major project, Sakha NBC now has a comprehensive, efficient and future-proof solution encompassing all stages of its work, from commissioning through to broadcasting, all based on Avid’s integrated system.

Avid Graphics Tour — Captivating Audiences Across North America

For any news, sports or studio production, ensuring audiences are both immersed and engaged is an ongoing battle. Success lies in the tools used to unleash creativity and deliver visual impact.

From rich Ultra-HD/4K content and augmented reality to powerful sports enhancements and story-centric news workflows, Avid Studio Suite gives broadcasters the freedom to differentiate their productions from the competition with the most comprehensive tools and workflow solutions to create, distribute and optimize media.

Prior to NAB 2017, we’re taking to the road to showcase the latest innovations from the Avid Studio Suite powered by the Avid MediaCentral Platform, including PlayMaker and TD Control.

Join us this February in a city near you to find out how Avid’s ground-breaking solutions for sports, studio and news production enable you to…


• Bring sports fans into the action by illustrating key plays, providing visual analysis, and enhancing gameplay.

• Make your studio production stand out with large-scale video walls, virtual 3D sets, and augmented reality.

• Deliver the news with 3D graphics, animations, high-res imagery, and more.

Don’t miss your chance to see and hear out how Avid is reinventing the newsroom, redefining graphics, and changing the game for sports production.

We hope you can join us at one of the following dates:


• February 9 – Miami

• February 23 – Chicago


To attend any of the above dates, please register now! Space is limited at each event so please register early. Don’t see your city listed here? Tell us where Avid should visit next.

Captivate Your Audience, Everywhere

With Avid graphics solutions, you can entertain and enlighten audiences through powerful visual storytelling, stunning imagery, and enhancements, so they keep tuning in for more.



Graphic Tales from the Redefining Graphics European Tour

It’s been a stellar year for studio and graphics innovations to the Avid MediaCentral Platform, the industry’s most open and integrated platform for media production. This autumn, our local teams have taken to the road across Europe to showcase how our range of powerful broadcast solutions from the Avid Studio Suite are changing and revolutionizing viewer experiences for studio, news and sport production.

Since October, the Avid Graphics Tour has been in full swing, with stops in cities including Munich, London, Rome, Madrid, Dubai and Paris. These intimate events gave attendees a first-hand look at the powerful arsenal of solutions in the Studio Suite including Avid Playmaker, Avid TD Control, Avid Maestro, Avid Spark and Avid 4Designer. Examples of how many media enterprises are harnessing the power these next-generation news, sports and studio broadcast solutions were also showcased to Avid customers.

Additionally, on every stage of the tour, Avid NEXIS, the world’s first software-defined storage platform, has been making a splash. This powerful system delivers unmatched flexibility, control, and extensibility to Avid MediaCentral Platform applications including the Studio Suite.


Kicking things off in Munich in the suburb that’s home to broadcasters including Sky Deutschland, Pro7 Sat1, and the Munich branches of ZDF and Bayerischer Rundfunk, partners and customers gathered at the MACE – Conference Centre in Unterfoehring.

An array of Avid partners including Videocation DE, dve-x DE, Snitt Studio HU, CS Computer Systems HR, Media Online DE and ADTV PL joined the event, hosting various operator training sessions. In addition to the local broadcasters, Czech TV, HRT – Croatia, Plazamedia, CBC (RTL Production) and DAZN (Perform Group) attended to learn more about how they can revolutionise viewer experiences.

United Kingdom

Attending customers in London included ITV and Perform Group, along with various leading London post production houses, where discussions were held on the array of available solutions to enable greater creativity and efficiency for high end productions.

Avid’s Regional Sales Director for North EMEA, Tom Evetts, hosted two sessions which explored the latest in news, studio and sports production. “Accelerating and streamlining our customers’ entire news production graphics workflow means they can captivate audiences everywhere with immersive viewing experiences. It’s allowing them to tell the whole story and win the race to break news across all platforms,” he said.


Our third stop on the tour took in the city of Rome, where once again demonstrations and hands on experience with the Avid Studio Suite, including Maestro and PlayMaker, were on display. Attendees, including spokespeople from Betamedia Spa, Stadion Video, CPA, Portus 2014, AMG international and RAI Italy were introduced to the next level of viewer engagement, reinventing the newsroom, redefining graphics, and changing the game for sports production.


In Paris, new and returning partners and customers alike appreciated the Avid product demos, discussions and presentations around the Studio Suite and Avid NEXIS. For some existing customers, it was also an education in some of the new and productive ways in which Avid solutions can enable them to create stunning productions. Sébastien Dehe, Sales Manager at Avid France said, “Comments from our customers on the day described how impressed they were with the simple integration of the products and the innovative ways they’re making changes to their workflows.”

Captivate Your Audience, Everywhere

With Avid graphics solutions, you can entertain and enlighten audiences through powerful visual storytelling, stunning imagery, and enhancements, so they keep tuning in for more.



Create Compelling Graphics for News Broadcasts and Streamline Your Workflow with Maestro 7.2

Today’s news audiences are flipping channels, tuning into online video platforms, and scrolling through social media in search of one thing—captivating stories that help them quickly understand the news. It might be immersive images on a video wall that gives context to coverage. A beautiful shot of the weather forecast. Or on-air ticker feeds delivering Twitter reactions to breaking news and giving overviews of the day’s biggest stories.

It’s graphic content that gives audiences exactly what they want—lots of information that’s exciting to watch and easy to understand, all at a glance. It’s challenging for broadcasters to compete in this environment. And it’s exactly why we’re excited to introduce Maestro 7.2.

Maestro is a complete production suite that gives broadcasters the power to create and play out high-resolution 3D graphics and video with their on-air content. With Maestro, editors and journalists can turn key data from external sources—including social media—into compelling imagery, graphs, and illustrations that enhance news coverage. Maestro comes with 4Designer, a powerful 2D/3D graphics creation software that’s packed with stunning templates so broadcast teams can easily elevate their production value by customizing these templates, or authoring completely new graphic elements.

Plus, with Maestro Media Engine, you can now manage and play both videos and graphics. Video elements can be added to a rundown on a newsroom system or directly on Maestro—and they can be cued and played with a single tool. And Maestro 7.2 tightly integrates with the entire Avid MediaCentral Platform. So broadcast teams can get stunning graphics to air faster than ever before.


• Easily access Maestro graphics with the extended MediaCentral | UX pane

• Retrieve rundowns from iNEWS right into Maestro

• Browse and bring in media from Interplay | Production from within Maestro

• Go to air faster by playing content directly from Avid NEXIS or Avid ISIS

Stunning on-air graphics. Gorgeous virtual studio displays. Immersive high-res video wall content. And seamless integration with the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Maestro 7.2 gives you control over every aspect of your production studio. It’s the best way to streamline broadcast workflows and give your news stories an exciting newsworthy look. And it’s available now.

Keep your audience engaged. Create captivating coverage with Maestro 7.2.

Maestro 7.2 Now Available

Maestro is a fully modular graphics solution that enables you to adapt it to your specific broadcast needs and workflow.


Join the Upcoming Webinar: Make Incredible Moments with Avid PlayMaker 3.3

Captivating highlights reels and slow-motion replays have become hallmarks of excellent sports and breaking news coverage. They’re what keep viewers tuned-in, even though there’s more content on more platforms than ever before for audiences to choose from.

Studios that produce live sports and news around the clock need an easy way to quickly turn around stories as fast as they happen. And Avid PlayMaker is the perfect tool for the job. With PlayMaker 3.3, you can ingest multiple high-quality content feeds and edit footage on the fly, and instantly share media highlights using Interplay or MediaCentral | UX.

In our upcoming webinar on Monday, December 12, 2016 at 10 am (EST), Avid PlayMaker product manager, Eyal Stessel, provides a closer look at this truly versatile media ingest/playout solution, and answers your pressing questions in a live Q&A session.


• See how to create action-packed highlights and slow-motion replays in an instant

• Watch PlayMaker seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow

• Find out how PlayMaker enhances collaboration with virtually anyone on your network

• Learn how you can Maximize efficiency by automatically collaborating with the entire production environment, including Interplay | Production, MediaCentral | UX and Avid NEXIS


Avid PlayMaker Webinar

PlayMaker will streamline your broadcast workflow and help you produce media highlights with incredible speed.



With Avid NEXIS | PRO, Swiss Tvision Always Has an Ace up Its Sleeve

Tvision AG from Basel, a production studio with seven full-time employees and additional freelancers, realizes about 500 projects each year, ranging from short news clips up to complete documentaries. The industry demands in terms of efficiency and production time are high and continuously rising. This not only affects competition in the market, but also customers’ expectations. In order to be able to create content even faster, more productive and in a safer way, Tvision has implemented the intelligent storage solution Avid NEXIS | PRO– and is very happy about it.


Productive working in a quadrilingual region

Previously, Tvision worked with several stand-alone editing suites without a central storage system. “Switzerland is a country with four languages, so we frequently have to produce content in different languages. With our old set-up, that was often a complicated and time-consuming process as we had to copy the content back and forth from discs in order to use it in different editing suites,” explains Andy Christen, video editor at Tvision.

“I’ve been editing with Avid for the past twenty years, and each and every scheduled piece did go out on time.”

—Andy Christen

So it was time for a new storage solution, especially since fast and reliable delivery is essential in the creation of news clips. After some research it was clear that NEXIS | PRO was the ideal solution: “Actually, there were also some other providers who understood our requirements, but only with Avid, we had the feeling that all services could be offered and delivered in the exact same way we needed them, making sure we wouldn’t have to fear any downtimes. I’ve been editing with Avid for the past 20 years, and each and every scheduled piece did go out on time. This reliability is very reassuring and one of the reasons why we decided to go for Avid NEXIS | PRO,” says Christen.

Easy installation, more flexibility

Christen and his team made a conscious decision to buy the smallest version with a storage capacity of 20 TB, keeping in mind that it can be upgraded without problems and with no additional costs for network technology. The system was then provided by dve cross media, based in Munich/Germany. “It was a very smooth cooperation. I always felt that they catered to my needs and didn’t sell the most expensive, but the most fitting product,” Christen emphasizes.

The implementation, too, was quick and easy. Thanks to the pre-configured system, only two cables had to be plugged in on location – and just like that, NEXIS I PRO was productive, says Christen: “I plugged it in, and ever since then it’s running and purring. No need for me to look after it. It runs, it never crashes, it just works. I’m really super happy about it. Plus it’s fast!”

“This way, I always have an ace up my sleeve that I can pull out if needed.”

—Andy Christen

The benefits are noticeable not only in daily work, but also when handling bigger projects. Now, news pieces can be edited in several languages at the same time and sent to the broadcaster directly. It’s also possible to embed shots from Italian or French colleagues, thus boosting the content’s quality. When it comes to documentaries or time-sensitive projects such as the films for IBA Basel 2020, Tvision has the possibility to book additional editors who can work on the project at the same time. Or they can use one computer for playout of the data while still working on it. “This way, I always have an ace up my sleeve that I can pull out if needed,” says a very content Christen. “The greater flexibility and the system stability we have gained through NEXIS | PRO are very reassuring and a massive benefit of the system.”


Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.


Reinventing the Newsroom at the News Technology Summit

At the end of September, senior news executives converged on Tampa, Florida for the News Technology Summit, a two-day, invitation-only networking and educational event hosted by broadcast technology publications Broadcasting & Cable and TV Technology.

Top station, group and network executives, industry experts and visionaries came together to discuss the game-changing technologies that will give news organizations the competitive edge they need for successful TV and digital operations.

A series of though-provoking panels focused on real-world issues ranging from field acquisition, newsroom workflows, and graphics systems, to future trends, cloud, IP, multiplatform and OTT.

I participated in a panel moderated by TV Technology’s editor in chief, Tom Butts, looking at the increasingly important role that social media and digital play in attracting younger viewers and building overall audience share for TV newscasts. We discussed the potential of various technologies to accelerate content delivery to consumers via social, OTT, digital mobile, on demand and newscasts.

In fact, although each panel focused on a different topic, a common theme throughout the event was how to attract and engage millennials with their shorter attention spans, the different way they consume media, and their relationship and trust in the media. This seemed to be the hot topic at the forefront of everyone’s minds – even more so than big trends like cloud and IP. Everyone was eager to learn how they can better serve—and monetize—this new audience.

One of the most thought-provoking panels for me was “Tech Leader Strategies: Engineering for the future”. Moderated by Avid customer Del Parks, Senior VP/CTO at Sinclair Television Group, the panel saw leading engineers from Hearst Television, Graham Media Group, Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Cox Media Group, Media General and CBS News discuss some of the challenges they face and how they’re using news technologies to reinvent the newsroom.

When asked by an audience member what they think they’re bad at, most of the panelists agreed that training staff and keeping them current is very hard to do well and at the right time, as well as being expensive in terms of both time and money. With all the new products and tools that us manufacturers supply, the biggest challenge is how to train staff to use them, maintain them, and change how they do their jobs.

Perhaps even more interesting than the panels and keynotes were the opportunities for business discussions with our customers, who were particularly keen to hear about the story-centric workflow we unveiled at IBC last month. Putting the story at the center of news operations, it provides the tools news teams need to plan, gather, create, collaborate, manage and deliver news across multiple platforms.

Tell the Whole Story

Avid’s end-to-end newsroom and news production solutions deliver the ultimate in efficiency, and enable you to break stories faster. Avid has your story covered.



IBC 2016: Reinventing the Newsroom with Avid

The digital revolution has drastically changed the way audiences access breaking news. Just a few years ago, television and physical newspapers were king. Today, it’s social media, mobile apps, websites and a wide range of multimedia platforms. This shift is pressuring newsrooms to extend their reach across a wide range of channels and devices. At the same time, competition for viewers is fierce—and production requirements are intense.

At IBC 2016, we unveiled a new story-centric workflow for modern newsroom management and news production that will help news organizations meet their biggest challenges. Built upon the Avid MediaCentral Platform, the Avid story-centric workflow includes multiple Avid solutions and new feature enhancements that provide news teams with the tools they need to extend their reach and deliver dynamic content to a wider audience—faster and in more ways than ever, as soon as a story breaks.

With the Avid story-centric workflow, the story is now the center of everything. Your news team can assign stories, write scripts, gather content, monitor social posts, edit footage, review packages, and then deliver content across a variety of platforms as the story evolves—including on-air, online, and on mobile devices. This not only allows audiences to receive up-to-the-minute information, they can also contribute to live broadcasts and respond to the story through social media interaction. News teams can move away from traditional rundown-driven workflows, and instead focus on the story as it evolves.

MediaCentral | UX


Media | Distribute

Social Media Hub

The story-centric workflow is made up of multiple Avid solutions, including MediaCentral | UX, iNEWS, Interplay | Production, Media | Distribute, Media Composer® | Cloud, Maestro, and Social Media Hub. MediaCentral | UX is the hub and catalyst in the story-centric workflow, so if you already have an iNEWS and/or Interplay | Production system, you can now manage every facet of a news story from a single user interface. Several new panes within MediaCentral | UX facilitate this workflow and integrate with other platform-connected solutions such as iNEWS and Interplay | Production. These panes will be released later this year.

To learn more, visit the Avid story-centric workflow or the Next-Generation Newsrooms blog series.

Tell the Whole Story

Avid’s end-to-end newsroom and news production solutions deliver the ultimate in efficiency, and enable you to break stories faster. Avid has your story covered.



Add Compelling Graphics to Your News Story With MediaCentral | UX

Continuing our video blog series on Next-Generation Newsrooms, we’ll provide an overview of the integrated workflow for creating templated news graphics using Maestro within MediaCentral | UX.


Attracting viewers and keeping them tuned in is a key driver for news organizations around the world. Delivering consistent excellence is what editorial teams strive to do, and crucially, it is now not only just what viewers want, but what they have come to expect.

The quality of a news program can be judged in many ways – the kind of stories that are covered, the breadth of coverage (either in terms of topics or by geography), and the personalities involved are just some – but there is one inescapable fact about what people watch. HOW it looks on-screen is as important as the stories that are being told.

Crafting live programs, such as news bulletins, looks easy. That is until the viewer sees a dated look or poor graphics that ultimately distract them from concentrating on the news story. Don’t believe me? Watch the next time you see a show with graphics that look like they are from the 80’s and see how much time you spend focusing on the graphics rather than the news itself.

This is why at Avid we realize news is not just about the words that are spoken or the video that is shown, it’s about the complete package that keeps audiences engaged and coming back time and time again. From the look of the studio set, to the visual appeal and relevance of the graphics that are used, to how the graphics animate on and off the screen, and how the station drives audience interactivity, Avid provides solutions to meet all of these challenges.

This video provides an overview of the integrated workflow for creating templated news graphics using Maestro within MediaCentral | UX.

Unified Experience for Fast, Collaborative Media Production

Access media and work on projects from practically any device, everywhere, using MediaCentral | UX, a cloud-based, web front-end to the Avid MediaCentral Platform.