Taking Graphics to the Next Level for News and Sports

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Avid’s comprehensive, next-generation graphics workflows enable leading broadcasters to cost-effectively create and manage dynamic media, even from multiple locations. Production values are not only enhanced, but are up-to-the-second relevant to grab audiences’ attention.


Established broadcasters are facing competition from digital platforms for viewers’ attention. Media consumed via web, social and mobile channels is making relevance and brand equity more important than ever before. One of the best ways for broadcasters to compete is with high quality, dynamic graphic content.

The use of graphics in TV productions has grown exponentially in the past few years – to the point that how you show information is becoming almost as important as what you show. More and more screen real estate is being dedicated to graphics – tickers on the bottom of the screen, immersive graphics in the show, even extending the studio space with virtual elements, video displays and more. Hand in hand with the visualization of graphics is the growing need for graphics to be up-to-the-second relevant. Data-driven graphics ensure that content is always timely and in context – a great example of this is the use of live Twitter and other social network feeds to populate graphics while a show is on air.

Graphics are no longer a standalone activity, but an integral part of the entire production workflow, from the journalist selecting graphics or video content to better tell the story, to the editor adding graphics to the video in post. To facilitate this kind of production, the graphics elements have to be accessible to many different users – perhaps even working remotely or at another site – and how and when these graphics are used also needs to be tracked and managed.

If accomplishing all of this isn’t challenging enough, we also have to be mindful of the current economic climate which requires broadcasters to be budget-conscious, and to look at how they can increase efficiency while at the same time decreasing operational costs.

In this new Avid Graphics blog series, I will explain how you can take advantage of your existing Avid workflow to create high-quality, engaging and immersive content that will get the attention of your audience without adding cost. I will also show you how – all through the familiar MediaCentral platform – you can store, control and access content remotely.

The blog series will take you through initial graphics creation, using templates to support the journalist’s pre-production workflow. Then we will discuss how to maximize the impact of social media by incorporating it into graphics and video. Moving into the studio, we will explore how to add augmented reality to a production, to enhance sports and election coverage, and to manage and control UHD video walls and virtual studios. We will close the series with an in-depth look at graphics in the Master Control Room environment.

Graphics for News and Sports

Our blog series takes a look at the various elements of Avid’s comprehensive end-to-end graphics solution. Starting with initial graphics creation and templating, it covers integrating social media, telestration, virtual studios and augmented reality, before closing with an overview of playout and channel branding in the Machine Room.



Captivate Your Audience, Everywhere

With Avid graphics solutions, you can entertain and enlighten audiences through powerful visual storytelling, stunning imagery, and enhancements, so they keep tuning in for more.



As Senior Solution Marketing Manager for Broadcast at Avid, I am proud to bring captivating sports and graphic solutions to the broadcast market.