The Smartest Play in Live Sports — Introducing Maestro | Live

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Covering live sports can be the ultimate production challenge. The action moves fast, and the audience moves right along with it, expecting instant analysis, replays, and historical context. The broadcasters who keep pace with dynamic story-telling tools and productions enjoy enormous viewer loyalty and brand recognition.

Now that viewers expect to have their knowledge of the play enriched within seconds of the live action taking place, the pressure is on the broadcaster to deliver. While investment is being made in the picture, with upgrades to 4K/UHD and HDR, and in audio, with immersive sound systems, graphical analysis and real-time updates of statistical data should not be neglected.

Avid Maestro | Live, unveiled for the very first time at IBC 2017, addresses the very real need to present captivating, dynamic content and boosts efficiency like never before. Maestro | Live is a completely new, all-in-one broadcast graphics and video control system for live sports production. It combines action-based, data-driven graphics, tracked-to-field graphics, augmented reality and video playout capabilities in a single, simple-to-operate hardware/software solution—in either HD or UHD resolution.

Whether you’re in the studio or in the field, Maestro | Live provides everything you need to produce and control a live event from a single interface, using a single operator. It is supplied with a selection of major sports templates to get you up and running quickly, and these templates can be modified, or used to create new templates for other sports, without the need for any programming or scripting.

Plug-and-play integration with real-time sports databases and scoreboard protocols – including STATS, OPTA and Sportradar – dynamically updates content. Because graphics are action-based and data-driven, you can be confident of presenting content that relates to every action on the field—every second of the game. A single operator can integrate tracked-to-field graphics and augmented reality to highlight and analyze plays, as well as visually tie sponsors into the game. All from the same UI you can create virtual formations and starting lineups, 9-meter circles, distance to goal indicators, and even virtual elements such as team logos, 3D objects, and advertising.

The system includes a high performance video server, for graphics and video rendering, and playout. You can play video clips and playlists from its internal storage in the field, or connect it to external storage such as Avid NEXIS in the studio. This eliminates the need for a VTR operator and additional video player, and it frees up the replay operator to focus on their primary job.

Avid’s engineering team set out to deliver a real game-changer for live sports broadcasting. The result is Maestro | Live – the most comprehensive real-time graphics and video playout solution for live events on the market. This easy to use, single operator solution will not only dramatically increase your production value, it will also reduce costs. Now that’s a slam-dunk.

Maestro | Live

Maestro | Live makes live sports production easy with an all-in-one, data-driven UHD graphics, augmented reality, and video playout solution that boosts efficiency like never before.

As Senior Solution Marketing Manager for Broadcast at Avid, I am proud to bring captivating sports and graphic solutions to the broadcast market.