Danish Editor Malte Greis Cuts Family Feature Film ‘Villads fra Valby’ on Media Composer

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Editing is what I do; editing is what I love… Actually, the editorial creative process is one of my favorite ways to make a living—so when I was asked to edit my first feature film Villads fra Valby (Villads from Valby), I immediately accepted the offer.

Villads fra Valby is a family film, aimed towards 5 – 10 year old kids, and tells the story of a small boy named Villads. We follow him as he discovers the world from his point of view. He always tries to help people whenever he can, but most of the time he just can’t stay out of trouble.

As the film was low-budget, we had very few shooting days, and even less time to finish post production. As soon as the crew started filming, we began cutting the scenes together. Our main post production facility and the edit suite were in two separate locations. Therefore, DNxHD 36 files were sent from the post house to our assistant editor, Ania De Sá Madsen, who synced the footage and placed everything on our shared storage system.

In order to finish the edit in such a short timeframe, we soon decided to bring another editor, Søren Ottosen, on board. We equally divided the scenes, started to cut right away, and quickly had a first rough cut ready. After all the scenes were assembled, the real creative process could begin.

To make it all more manageable, we color-coded the scenes, so we could easily see which scenes needed to be trimmed, stretched or changed. Assistant editor Ania took it upon her to go through all the takes and make a timeline for every single action shot, spoken line etc. This way, we could find the best take for every shot, and work a lot faster.

Because we were two editors working on the same project simultaneously, it was important to have rock-solid shared storage, and the right collaborative tools. That’s why we quickly decided to go with Avid solutions, and Media Composer as our NLE. Compared to other editing programs, Media Composer is without a doubt far more flexible to manage a shared project.

After finishing the first version of the film, we noticed that we didn’t quite tell the story from the boy’s point of view. Obviously, we had to go through all the scenes one by one, and adjust the storyline. But thanks to a structured and well-organized project, it was a fairly easy process to do.

(LEFT) Get a high-speed view of myself, editing Villads fra Valby in this Instagram video.

(BELOW) And for those who are interested in watching the movie, I leave you with its cinematic trailer (in Danish).

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I am a freelance film editor based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I love to work on many different projects—from small documentaries to big screen feature films. You can find me on Twitter as @GreisDK and on instagram.com/greisdk.