Pro Tools: Track Presets for Audio Post – Embedded Media

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When working in post production an almost inevitable part of your workflow will be to import or create audio elements that will be used multiple times across sessions as the project continues, be it in Film, TV or advertising.

As can also save media with your track presets, meaning that any commonly used asset (e.g. intro music, title effects, stings and common VO elements) can be saved in your track preset, cataloged, and recalled in your sessions whenever you need them.

To save media with a track preset just select the Include Media tick box when saving the track preset. You can ensure you don’t unintentionally save more media than intended by restricting the included media to the clips in the current edit selection.

This will be helpful if there is other, out-of-sight media down the timeline that you don’t want to retain in your preset. Once you have stored your track presets with media, it’s easy to recall those elements into any session you might need them in the future.

One advantage of saving a FX arrangement in their separated form is that if the graphic changes you can easily retime as needed.


Creating SFX Picker Tracks

You can also use Track Presets to create SFX picker tracks. Save and catalog your go-to whooshes, swishes, and rumbles – and quickly recall them and add them to your project along with plugins and sends you use regularly.

Certainly, after going though thousands of different options I generally land back at the same 100 or so whooshes which I then modify to suit the particular spot I’m working on, so rather than searching and remembering, or cataloging in the workspace I can add them to a track preset called “Whooshes.” This makes it easy to import my favorite effects and means I can audition them in my session without going between multiple windows, as well as being able to locate with markers I saved along with the Track Preset.

If you find another sound or effect you can update your track preset quickly, with the naming automatically filling from other names in the track preset category you are currently in.

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