Track and Replace Screens Inside Media Composer with Mocha

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Replacing monitors and cell phone screens is a very common post task that  is typically handled by an effects compositor. These shots are now made easy inside Avid Media Composer with the Mocha Pro AVX plug-in from Boris FX.

In this short video tutorial, Mocha product specialist Mary Poplin shows how complex motion tracking tasks are made simple with Mocha Pro plug-in for Avid. Mocha Pro’s planar tracking algorithm can track through difficult motion, such as objects that go off screen.

Avid video tracks can be set as the insert layer, so the editor can easily change the insert content… a huge plus when working with a client on a deadline.

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Ross Shain is the Chief Product Officer of Boris FX. A former Avid employee, Ross has over 20 years in post-production as an editor, visual effects artist and product designer. In 2013, Ross and three colleagues from Imagineer were awarded a Science & Technology Academy Award for the development of mocha planar tracking software and their contribution to the film industry.